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EmbassyMedia - Day Five Broadcast - Friday 12/02/2021 (Interview with Rahel Ghebrehiwet)

Posted by: Yared Tesfay

Date: Friday, 12 February 2021

Day Five Broadcast - Friday 12/02/2021
Embassy Media invites you today to our fifth day of broadcast which starts at 19:00 pm GMT.
Our guest for today is Rahel Ghebrehiewet who was born in Massawa and in 1977 fled her home town into exile to Sudan. From Sudan she decided to join the EPLF (Eritrean People’s Liberation Front). Rahel was one of the female radio operators of the organisation (EPLF). She takes us on a journey of how she observed Operation Fenkil in real time through the radio waves as they began to filter up the chain of command. For the first time since 1977 she managed to visit the port city of where she was born after it was liberated by the gallant forces of the EPLF in 1990. It was a bitter sweet moment for her as she was there in person to witness the barbaric aerial bombardment by the Derg regime on Massawa (QibTset).

We look forward to your participation.
Embassy Media

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