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DIAMOND JUBILEE ' 60th Anniversary' - Celebration in London U K on 4th September 2021

Posted by: Yared Tesfay

Date: Tuesday, 31 August 2021

DIAMOND JUBILEE '60th Anniversary of Eritrea Armed Struggle'

On 1 September 1961, now 60 years ago, and on its Diamond Jubilee, the Eritrean independence movement transi­tioned from street demonstrations, non-violence, and peaceful protest, to active, armed resistance. Eritreans were subjected to state repression, severe violence, and persecution, while all forms of civil disobedience, opposition, dissent, and resistance, which had largely been peaceful and involved broad segments of the The Eritrean population was forcefully crushed.

Assassina­tion attempts against nationalists became common and routine. In 1991, after one of the longest national wars for liberation in mod­ern African history and following tens of thousands of deaths, numer­ous more injuries, and much devas­tation and destruction, Eritrea finally won its independence. September 1st as being all about in­spiration. It is a day that reiterates the importance of closely holding onto and protecting your dreams, hopes, and aspirations and persevering in the face of adversity. It reminds us to be brave and remain undaunted, even when confronted by the great tasks and obstacles we are faced with as a nation.

DIAMOND JUBILEE '60th Anniversary of Eritrea Armed Struggle'
4th of September 2021
@ Irish Centre, Camden Square, NW1- 9XB, London UK
Time:- 17:00-23:00
Entrance;- £15

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