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Zúrich Maratón de Málaga 2021 - Results

Posted by: Semere Asmelash

Date: Sunday, 12 December 2021

Mark Korir and Mekonnin Legesse win the Malaga marathon with a record

The Kenyan reduces the best time of the Andalusian test by three minutes and the Ethiopian one by two minutes

    Kenyan Mark Korir set a new record (2:07:39 ) at the 11th Zurich Malaga Marathon , the last event on the RFEA 2021 calendar. The competition had not been held for two years due to the pandemic.

    The pace of the half marathon of 1h03: 27 with four athletes was going to play a triumph. Kenyans Raymond Choge , Solomon Yego and Mark Korir , along with Eritrean Nguse Amlosom seemed like the men who were going to fight in the final kilometers. Korir won. The Kenyan athlete lowered the record of the previous edition by three minutes, which was set by his compatriot Martin Cheruiyot (2:10:08) in the 2019 marathon. In second place was Nguse Amlosom (2:08:23) and closed the Solomon Kirwa podium (2:08:43) .

    In the women's event, the leading group reached the equator with a time of 1h11: 53 with the hare in charge of setting the pace (Marc Roig). They were the Ethiopians Tseginesh Mekonnin Legesse and Yeneabeba Maru Ejigu along with the Kenyan Beatrice Cheptoo and Carolin Kilel . At kilometer 35, the rookie Legesse stood out. She was able to maintain the rhythm (3:24 min / km) to face the last kilometers alone and beat the test record for more than two minutes ( 2h24: 50 ).

    Second was Yeneabeba Maru Ejigu (2:25:02) , third was Beatrice Cheptoo (2:25:20) and fourth was Caroline Kilel (2:26:32) . All of them have lowered the previous record of the test.

    The race started at 8:45 am from the Paseo del Parque, the historic center of the city, with a tour of places such as the promenade, the José María Martín Carpena pavilion or the La Rosaleda stadium.
    Since 2019 a mandatory stop due to the health situation, the Zurich Malaga Marathon returned to the capital with record numbers of registrations with 8,500 in total, also counting the half marathon , which represents 1,500 more participants than in the last edition of 2019, when Kenyan Martin Cheruiyot and Ethiopian Selamawit Getnet Tsegaw were the winners.

    Malaga half marathon 2021

    In the 21,097 km of the half marathon, the La Mancha athlete Fernando González , with a time of 1h07: 31 , took the victory ahead of Nicolás Dalmasso (1h08: 35) and Hernán Huaita (1h08: 47) .

    In the women's event, the German Anke Esser (1h13: 27) won , followed by Sophie Wood (1h15: 05) and Leila Armoush (1h16: 22), who completed the podium.

    Classifications and times of the Malaga marathon 2021


    1. Mark Korir (Kenya) 2h07: 39
    2. Nguse Amlosom (Eritrea) 2h08: 23
    3. Solomon Yego (Kenya) 2h08: 43
    4. Raymond Choge (Kenya) 2h09: 53
    5. Josphat Kiprotich (Kenya) 2h11: 47


      1. Tseginesh Mekonnin (Ethiopia) 2h24: 50
      2. Legesse, Yeneabeba Maru Ejigu (Ethiopia) 2h25: 02
      3. Beatrice Cheptoo (Kenya): 2:25:20
      4. Carolin Kilel (Kenya) 2:26:32
      5. Maritu Ketema (Ethiopia) 2h29: 51

        Classifications and times of the Malaga 2021 half marathon


        1. Fernando González 1h07: 31
        2. Nicolás Dalmasso 1h08: 35
        3. Hernán Huaita 1h08: 47


          1. Anke Esser 1h13: 27
          2. Sophie Wood 1h15: 05
          3. Leila Armoush 1h16: 22
          4. -----------------------------------------

          🥇: Mark Korir | 02:07:39 🥈: Nguse Amlosom | 02:08:23 🥉: Solomon Kirwa | 02:08:43
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