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Results for the Stockholm Marathon 2022

Posted by: Semere Asmelash

Date: Saturday, 04 June 2022

Chaos scenes during the Stockholm Marathon - the leadership trio ran wrong

  • It became chaotic during the Stockholm Marathon when the trio was led into the wrong street and had to turn around.

  • Felix Kirwa, Tesfaye Lencho Anbesa and Merhawi Kesete were on their way to a track record in the Stockholm Marathon. But they were suddenly forced to turn around, after being made aware that they had run the wrong way.

  • Keyanen Felix Kirwa finally won the race in the time 2.11 08, barely a minute above the track record.


Merhawi Kesete of Eritrea followed home second after breaking away from the pack late as well to clock 2:11:45, with John Langat of Kenya running 2:12:39 to cover the top three spots. Read more: How to watch the adidas Stockholm Marathon 2022?

Berhane Tesfay and his Eritrea’s teammate Samuel Russom rounded out the top five finishers with times of 2:14:42 and 2:15:39.

2022 adidas Stockholm Marathon results on June 4, 2022

Top Results Men

1. Kirwa, Felix (KEN) - 2:11:08
2. Kesete, Merhawi (ERI) - 2:11:45
3. Langat, John (KEN) - 2:12:39
4. Tesfay, Berhane (ERI) - 2:14:42
5. Russom, Samuel (ERI) - 2:15:39
6. Gerratana, Guiseppe (ITA) - 2:18:33
7. Walleräng, Olle (SWE) - 2:20:05
8. Casteel, Archie (SWE) - 2:20:59
9.Lundgren, Daniel (SWE) - 2:21:14

10. Tulu Chala, Ebba (SWE) - 2:21:17

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