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Posted by: Semere Asmelash

Date: Thursday, 04 August 2022

Giir di Mont. Mamu and Desco win, standing ovation for Mattia Gianola 3rd

Premana, Giir di Mont 2022, the men's podium
The men's podium

Beautiful day of sport at Giir di Mont and a Premanese returns to the podium after 20 years

Ekwam Abraham Ebenyo and Florea Madalina champions of the 'Mini' race

PREMANA - What a sight the Giir di Mont! After the “Uphill” which took place on Saturday , Sunday morning it was the turn of the traditional 'Giir' which returned to make the heart beat faster after two years of hiatus due to the pandemic.

Two races , the classic of 32 km and 2,400 meters of altitude difference , valid for the World Athletics classification "VALSIR Mountain Running World Cup" in the "long distance" category, and the short one of 18 km and 1,110 meters of altitude difference .

Premana, Giir di Mont 2022The departure of the Giir di Mont (32 km) this morning in Premana

270 runners competing for the 32km race started a few minutes later than the schedule from an already crowded and festive Via Roma. Shortly after 8, the 180 athletes of the 18 km 'short' lap will also start .

Premana, Giir di mont, Ekwam Abraham EbenyoEkwam Abraham Ebenyo is the winner of the Mont Mini Giir

The first to cross the finish line of the short race was Ekwam Abraham Ebenyo (Run2gether) in just 01h36'53 ", followed by Alessandro Riva (Gsa Cometa)  in second position with a time of 01h38'43" and by Andrea Pelissero (Atl Susa Addriano Aschieris) third 01h40'37.

Premana, Giir di Mont 2022, short race podiumThe men's podium of the Mini Giir di MontFlorea Madalina is the winner of the Mini Giir di Mont

The women's podium, again in the 18 km race, was opened by Florea Madalina (Csm Sighsoara)  01h 51'27 "followed by Camilla Magliano (Asd Podistica Torino) 01h51'49" and Francesca Rusconi (Atl Lecco Colombo Costruzioni) 01h56 '24 ".

The women's podium of the Mini Giir di Mont: from left Francesca Rusconi (3rd), Madalina Florea (1st) and Camilla Magliano (2nd)

After 3 hours and 11 minutes it was Petro Mamu (Scarpa) who crossed the finish line of the Giir di Mont victorious, at the end of a very hard-fought race that saw him duel to the end with Cristian Minoggio detached only at the end of the race. The Eritrean was greeted at the finish by a huge crowd of people and a shower of applause.

Petro Mamu, Giir di Mont 2022 winnerPetro Mamu, Giir di Mont 2022 winner

In 2nd place Cristian Minoggio (Pegarun Asr) with a time of 3h 11 ′ 42 " and in third place the home runner, the Premanese Mattia Gianola (Team Valtellina) who stopped the hands of the time trial on a time of 3h and 20 ' , author of a magnificent race. For him the biggest party: after 20 years in fact a Premanese is back on the podium of the home race , a pride to be savored to the full and duly paid by the public who welcomed him with a real standing ovation.

The arrival of Mattia Gianola at the finish line: after 20 years a Premanese is on the podium of the Giir di Mont

Upon arrival Gianola is still incredulous, in his voice a great emotion : “I still have to realize, but as soon as I realize it I don't know what I'll do! This is a milestone that is worth a lot to me, in the home race then. I never expected to get on the podium, perhaps also because a few days ago I was not in shape due to a virus. Instead I did it, my legs turned, I said to myself “give it all, every millimeter of muscle”. And it went well. I wanted to give my best and I succeeded, I'm happy, even if now I have to face another challenge - he smiles - to keep up with all those who want to celebrate me! ”.

The arrival of Gianola

Gianola concluded by thanking the organizers: "After very difficult years, first the flood, then Covid, everything was once again perfect, you are fantastic".

In the men's race there are: 4th the Mandello Lorenzo Beltrami (Falchi) and 5th the Lecco Andrea Rota (Osa) .

Among the women, a super performance by Elisa Desco ( Atletica Alta Valtellina , wife of the multiple world mountain running champion Marco De Gasperi) who finished the Giir di Mont in 4 hours and a few seconds , winning the victory. Behind her Lucy Wambui Murigi (Atletica Saluzzo) 4 hours 01 ′ and 38 " , third Hilary Gerardi (Black Diamond) 04h 06 ′ 06"

Elisa Desco, winner of the women's categoryThe women's podium: from left Lucy Wambui Murigi (2nd), Elisa Desco (1st) and Hilary Gerardi (3rd)

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