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Mission in Eritrea. OPA team in action to save children

Posted by: Semere Asmelash

Date: Sunday, 15 October 2023

Mission in Eritrea. OPA team in action to save children

A team of specialists at work with the volunteers of 'A heart, a world'. Diagnosis and cardiac surgery for many children in the African country.

Mission in Eritrea.  OPA team in action to save children
Mission in Eritrea. OPA team in action to save children

Theirs are hands that know how to treat hearts, even the smallest ones. They are hands capable of soothing pain and suffering, hands that know how to heal and restore life. They know how to restore the right rhythm to a limping heartbeat and give a new smile to souls. They are the teams of specialists from the Pasquinucci Heart Hospital in Massa, the mask-wearing heroes of the Gabriele Monasterio Tuscany Foundation, who know how to perform miracles not only in the super-equipped rooms of the Montepepe facility but also beyond national borders.

Precisely in these days they are protagonists of life-saving interventions in Eritrea, on a mission with the volunteers of the association Un Cuore un Mondo in collaboration with the NGO 'Mission Bambini' of Milan, which for 23 years has been helping the less fortunate children in the world . A relationship that existed between the Monasterio Foundation and Mission Bambini even before Covid but which had been put on hold due to the constraints imposed by the pandemic. The director of the critical area Paolo Del Sarto, the cardiologist Nadia Assanta and a team of professional nurses as well as perfusionists responsible for extracorporeal circulation left the Opa for the Monasterio Foundation. With them they brought all the equipment necessary to carry out diagnoses and interventions. Together with the heart hospital team there was also Bruno Murzi, the historic director of pediatric cardiac surgery who remained a great friend of the hospital. In recent days they have carried out several cardiac surgery operations and checks by cardiologists on the many children waiting to finally be able to smile again and the support of the volunteers of Un Cuore Un Mondo is essential.

"As an association we strongly believe in this project to be able to give hope also in this country, where poverty and isolation put families and especially children with heart disease to the test. Thanks to those who believe with us in this project, to those who supports with donations and concrete gestures but also all of you who, with your shares on social media, manage to make what we do every day known to the world."
The mission continues until tomorrow and is entirely financed by the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation in Khartoum, through the project 'Urgent care and prevention to contribute to the improvement of the Eritrean healthcare system' within the 'AId 12479' program initiative '.
Missione in Eritrea. Equipe dell'Opa in azione per salvare i ...

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