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Delegation of the Ministry of Agriculture of Eritrea visiting CREA

Posted by: Semere Asmelash

Date: Wednesday, 06 December 2023

Delegation of the Ministry of Agriculture of Eritrea visiting CREA

Learn more about technological innovation solutions in the sectors of agricultural irrigation, cutting-edge cultivation techniques and animal husbandry as well as visit some museums of agriculture and Italian peasant civilization in order to replicate the model in a similar structure in the capital Asmara. It is one of the political-administrative, technical and cultural purposes of the Delegation's mission, in Italy from 27 November to 7 December 2023.

Two days of welcome and support - organized within the Acopoa Project "Cooperation Agreement between MASAF and CREA for the implementation of the POA (now PSC)" and the AC PSRN Project "Cooperation Agreement for the PSRN 2014-2020" - to learn about and explore theoretical and practical aspects relating to the following topics: The national irrigation context and investment policies on an extra-farm scale (Marianna Ferrigno); The CAP strategic plan and the sustainable use of water (Raffaella Pergamo); The CREA databases to support the planning and monitoring of water policies (Veronica Manganiello); The promotion of good practices in the agricultural and livestock sector: the Rural Excellences project (Silvia Baralla); The cheesemaker's school: a fusion of innovative techniques and centuries-old traditions (Maria Assunta D'Oronzio).

On 5 December 2023, the Eritrean Delegation will visit the Animal Husbandry and Aquaculture and Agri-food Engineering and Transformation Research Centers based in Monterotondo, to view the practical application of the topics discussed during the seminar, with particular reference to intelligent irrigation systems in a climate change scenario and to the production of milk and cheese.

Delegazione del Ministero dell’Agricoltura dell’Eritrea in visita al CREA
📅dal 27 novembre al 07 dicembre👇

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