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Biden panics as Russia’s victory over Ukraine is now imminent.

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Date: Saturday, 25 May 2024

Biden panics as Russia’s victory over Ukraine is now imminent.

Eric Zuesse (blogs at

U.S. President Joe Biden is now seriously considering the recommendations by his neoconservative Secretary of State Antony Blinken and by the neoconservative Victoria Nuland (whom Obama had assigned to plan and oversee the 2014 U.S. coup in Ukraine, which started the war in Ukraine) — their recommendations that America must now send to Ukraine weapons that will endanger Russian national security, weapons that might stop Russia’s impending victory over Ukraine and thus indirectly Russia’s victory over neoconservative (that is, Rhodesist) America. These weapons might have nuclear warheads. However, under no circumstances will Russia tolerate its national security to be jeopardized that much (just as JFK didn’t allow America’s national security to be jeopardized that much when the Soviet Union was about to do that to the U.S. in the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis by placing its missiles there); and, as a result of Biden’s now-expected approval of their recommendation, a rational response by Russia to that provocation by the U.S. would be to unleash unannounced an all-out invasion of the United States and all of its colonies (‘allies’), since a global nuclear war will be very brief and therefore the first side to strike will have less damage from it than will the respondent to that blitz attack (since many of its missiles etc. will have been destroyed in that blitz attack). The first-strike advantage would be vastly higher for WW III than for any previous war in history, because this would be by far the fastest-ever World War. Though the world would be destroyed, there might be survivors who would last more than ten years, but not on the losing side. The advisors that Biden has been relying upon the most — the rabid neocons — are saying he should do it.

An analyst whose opinions on this matter I respect, Alexander Mercouris, headlined on May 25th “Putin & Lukashenko prepare for NATO escalation”, and said (at 19:38 in the video) “The President himself is obsessed with Putin and with Russia, and he always ends up going with the most extreme hardliners who demand the most extreme escalation, and that will probably go on happening so long as he remains in the Oval Office.” He said this referring there to Seymour Hersh’s May 23rd article, “BIDEN’S PERMANENT COLD WAR”, which opened:

President Joe Biden’s advanced age and the difficulties he has getting through a speech aren’t the only things putting his re-election as risk: another liability is his long-standing inability to see the world as it is. He has made no effort since Russia invaded Ukraine in February 2022 to arrange a one-on-one meeting with Vladimir Putin, Russia’s President

In other words: Biden really does believe that Vladimir Putin is another Joseph Stalin (who was FDR’s partner in conquering Hitler, but then along came U.S. President Truman, Biden’s model), and agrees with Churchill and with Truman that America must control Russia or else Russia will control America — thinks that without “regime-change” in Russia, America will become controlled by Russia (for Biden, the end of the Soviet Union and of its communism in 1991 wasn’t enough): he thinks that either America will control Russia, or else Russia will control America; that international relations is simply a win-lose game, no possible win-win game; and that, consequently, negotiating with an ‘enemy’ in order to live in peace with it is only a fool’s game, in this purely dog-eat-dog world, where Might makes right, and thus losers are necessarily wrong — America must therefore win in order to be on God’s side, the side of The Almighty, against the weaker side, the evil side, the ‘enemy’, the losing side. That’s the neoconservatives’ view, and Biden is and always has been a neoconservative — and now his fellow-neoconservatives are finally getting him to think seriously about going all the way. Inevitably, he is now consulting his military and intelligence leaders in order to determine what to do.

This is going to be a very difficult decision for Biden. His “long-standing inability to see the world as it is” (as Seymour Hersh said) is finally crashing into “the world as it is,” and no one can say whether the result of that will be WW III; no one can predict what such an irrational person will do.

If he stays true to his neoconservatism, then a WW III will result before the November 5th election (an election which then won’t happen); but, if he won’t do that, then the world will continue beyond November 5th, but Biden’s Presidency won’t; and, then, that electoral contest will effectively be between only Donald Trump and RFK Jr.

Also on May 25th, the Economist headlined “NATO’s boss wants to free Ukraine to strike hard inside Russia: Jens Stoltenberg says the rules on using Western weapons should be eased”, and reported that, 

Nato secretaries-general do not normally attack the policies of the alliance’s biggest and most important member country. But Jens Stoltenberg, whose ten-year stint in charge is coming to an end, has done just that. In an interview with The Economist on May 24th, he called on nato allies supplying weapons to Ukraine to end their prohibition on using them to strike military targets in Russia. Mr Stoltenberg’s clear, if unnamed, target was the policy maintained by Joe Biden, America’s president, of controlling what Ukraine can and cannot attack with American-supplied systems.

So: Stoltenberg is backing up the advice from both Blinken and Nuland. (All three of them had won their offices based, all or partly, upon Biden’s — or in Stoltenberg’s case, Obama’s — choice. All three of them are rabid neoconservatives and so are determined to keep America’s control over Ukraine’s Government, which Obama, Nuland, and Biden, won.)

On 7 March 2024, I had headlined “Biden Now Seeks WW3 Against Russia, Says High U.S. Defense Expert”, whom I agreed with at that time. However, now that Russia has since come even closer to victory in its proxy-war defending itself in the battlefields of Ukraine against Ukraine’s boss America there, I am on the fence about this, at around perhaps a 50-50 chance as between survival versus nuclear annihilation.

If Biden resigns and we have a President Kamala Harris contesting on November 5th against Trump and Kennedy, she will lose, because she’ll have an enormous difficulty persuading voters that Biden’s policies were good for the country; and she will have even less credibility as an advocate for those policies than Biden does. But if Biden won’t resign, and he says no to the neocons and Russia wins the war in Ukraine before November 5th, then either Trump or RFK Jr. will win the White House. (There is no realistic possibility that America will win this proxy-war.)

America, ever since the year 2000, has had only abysmally bad Presidents, and perhaps this string of such monstrosities will cause voters to decide on the Presidential line to predominantly go for anyone but a Republican or Democrat — which would, in effect, mean RFK Jr. It could happen; but it would be a very hotly fought contest between Trump and Kennedy.

Already, the U.S. Government’s fiscal viability is rapidly declining. The U.S. federal debt grew moderately until the destructive idiot Reagan came into office in 1981 with a $908 billion figure, and raised it (the debt) to $2.6 trillion by 1988 — multiplied it 2.86 times. His successors continued that, and by 2000 it was $5.7T. When the rabid neocon G.W. Bush left office in 2009, it was $10.0T — multiplied 1.75 times. When the slick evil Obama left office in 2016, it was $18.1T — multiplied 1.81 times. When the incompetent Trump left office in 2020, it was $22.7T, but he had had only four years to harm the country. (Obama’s first four years had increased it 60%; Trump’s four years raised it by only 37%. That’s because Trump didn’t start any wars; he merely continued the ones that Obama had started.) By the time that the rabid neocon Biden would be leaving office in 2025, it will be around $35T (multiplied 1.54 times, as opposed to Trump’s 1.37 times). About 20% of that $35T — $7T — will have been spent to America’s ‘defense’ contractors, such as Lockheed Martin, the firms whose main if not only market is the U.S. Government and the Governments of its various colonies such as the member-nations of NATO. (They’re all very corrupt; no one can succeed in that industry in America without being so.) Virtually all of that $7T has been wasted, not merely by massive corruption in the U.S. military departments, but by atrocious strategy, because after the Soviet Union ended, there was actually no national-security threat to America, and the danger from jihadists was tiny by comparison and could have been dealt with much more effectively by other than military means. 

This is a sick country, ruled on behalf of its billionaires. So long as it remains as leading the world, the possibility that it will destroy the world is real, if not even likely. In fact, Joe Biden is thinking about it, right now, and considering what to do. Americans should therefore be raising heaven in this matter and communicating to anyone who allegedly represents them in DC — Stop this evil madness; get rid of all the neoconservatives! (They belong in hell, but we don’t.) Turn the corner, at last, to sanity.

This is the do-or-die matter, for everybody.


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