Dehai News Seven people killed, 11 others wounded in Gambella’s Panyiduk camp

Posted by: Berhane Habtemariam

Date: Monday, 10 June 2024

Seven people killed, 11 others wounded in Gambella’s Panyiduk camp

At least seven people were reportedly killed and 11 others severely injured by unknown gunmen in Panyiduk camp in Gambella, Ethiopia.

In an exclusive interview with The City Review, Panyiduk Camp Chairman, Peter Maker, stated that an unknown armed group stormed Zone 8 of the Panyiduk Refugee Camp on Sunday night.

He said the attackers fled after killing seven people and injured 11 others.

“It was yesterday [Sunday] at night when a group of criminals attacked Zone 8 of Panyiduk camp where the Anyuak community are settled. The criminals launched a massive attack on the refugees and killed seven people and injured eleven others. People are really cared now!” Maker said.

Maker stated that if the attackers may have either come from Greater Pibor Administrative Area or from Lou Nuer, whose armed militia have been suspected of conducting large-scale attacks in the area.

“There has been attacks on this camp. It is not the first time for Panyiduk camp to be attacked. It also happened two months ago. The suspects must from either from Pibor of from Jonglei, especially the white army,” he stated.

He added, “These criminals are just attacking vulnerable people who cannot defend themselves just because of disputes happening back home in South Sudan. It is only God that will help these people.”

Gambella became a battleground between the Anyuak and Gatjaak Nuer communities, as well as the neighbouring Murle community.

The armed youth from each village have been attacking one another, causing the most suffering among the locals, women and children in particular as a result of child abduction rages.

On April, 4, 2024, an unidentified armed group launched an attack on Panyiduk camp, killed 10 people and wounded 19 others.

Maker noted that all the attacks often happened because there were no police officers deployed by the government of Ethiopia in the camp.

He lamented, “It is only Gambella town with soldiers and they cannot arrive on time even if they are informed because it takes an hour for a vehicle to arrive in Panyiduk camp.”

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