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Why NATO Is Now in a Rutte

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Date: Saturday, 22 June 2024

Why NATO Is Now in a Rutte

Eric Zuesse (blogs at

The news became public on June 20th that NATO has finally reached the necessary unanimity on whom its next Secretary General, or figurehead-leader (since ONLY the U.S. President controls NATO), will be: Mark Rutte, who has been Netherlands’ Prime Minister since 2010, despite having extremely low public approval ratings from the public that he has been leading (always toward war against Russia and always on the basis of only lies).

On 7 July 2023, America’s Associated Press noted that, “Although Rutte is commonly viewed as corrupt, his party — the center-right People's Party for Freedom and Democracy — is the biggest in a fragmented system, allowing for him to remain in power.” At that time, his approval rating from the public whom he allegedly represented in that ‘democracy’, was 29% Approve versus 65% Disapprove. Today, it’s 34% Approve versus 60% Disapprove. That is around the norm for the U.S. Government’s colonies (‘allies’). By comparison, America’s own leader, Joe Biden (who had selected Rutte to ‘lead’ NATO), has 37% Approve versus 56% Disapprove. The only U.S.-and-‘allied’ (colonial) heads-of-state who have higher Approve than Disapprove numbers are Javier Milei (Argentina) 60%/37%, Viola Amherd (Switzerland) 53%/25%), Donald Tusk (Poland) 48%/41%, and Simon Harris (Ireland) 47%/37%. Those might be democracies, but all the rest in the U.S. empire aren’t, because the figures very clearly display the fact that the most powerful person in the Government does NOT represent the public but is against the public, most of whom believe him to be, in reality, their enemy. Is this because the ‘news’-media in that ‘democracy’ represent the public and report honestly? Where, in a capitalist country (regardless of how much it might also be a “social welfare state,” otherwise known as a “social-market economy”) do the ’news’-media represent the public instead of the billionaires who own them or whose corporations buy the ads that fund them? (The “Fourth Estate” is the part of the Government that the super-rich in a capitalist country control almost 100%, and it largely determines the result of ‘democratic’ elections there.) These Governments simply are NOT democracies, but instead are aristocracies: one-dollar-one-vote instead of any one-person-one-vote countries. Yet they constantly claim to be democracies — and use that lie as ‘justification’ for their trying to take over (or “regime-change”) ‘dictatorships’ such as Russia (where Putin’s Approval rating since he came into office in 2000 has averaged 75%/20%) and China (where Xi’s Approval rating since he came into office in 2012 has averaged around 80%/10%). So: which of these U.S.-and-‘allied’ Governments are, in fact, merely liars who want wars on the basis of constant lies to keep their public constantly fooled to ‘elect’ the aristocracy’s representatives to power in order to expand yet further the aristocrats’ empire?

Any minority Government is a dictatorship — to call a minority-Government a ‘democracy’ is to deceive; but, throughout the U.S. empire, that deception is routine: what’s more, it even goes unquestioned. Usually, the countries that are democracies have a head-of-state who has higher Approve than Disapprove percentages than is the case in the U.S. empire. Both Russia and China are democracies, but few if any of the Governments in the U.S. empire are. Only lies say otherwise, but this is true regardless of the routine (and unquestioned) lies. The public who believe the lies are merely being fooled by them.

And the political-science studies that have been published are unanimous that America is an aristocracy by its super-rich, clearly no democracy at all, regardless of its Constitution. That claim to “democracy” is just a fraud, which throws around the mere word “democracy” as a weapon, to use, in order to ‘justify’ its aggressive moves against the countries that it hasn’t yet taken over. It’s lying for war — and where has this lying been more profuse than in the U.S. empire? 

Rutte was Biden’s choice because Rutte has already made clear that he despises Trump and wants to concentrate on capturing Russia. Trump is more interested in capturing China. For example, there’s this from a pro-Rutte (actually Axel-Springer German billionaires’ rabidly anti-Russian — and absolutist pro-capitalist anti-socialist, pro-U.S.) site, Politico:

Trump only had a few one-on-one in-person meetings with Rutte during his presidency, and several of his former diplomats in Europe said they couldn’t speak to the relationship between the two men. But when the two leaders did meet, Rutte’s no-nonsense approach to Trump made headlines.

During a July 2018 bilateral meeting at the White House, Trump attempted to tell reporters that the result would be “positive” even if the U.S. and the EU couldn’t agree on a trade deal. Rutte quickly cut Trump off.

“No,” Rutte interjected, with a laugh and his trademark smile. “It’s not positive. We have to work something out.

The Russian Government’s own RT News reported further on Rutte’s relationship with Trump:

“I’m a hard NO on Rutte,” said Richard Grenell, former acting head of US national intelligence and a confidant of former – and possibly future – President Donald Trump. “The president of the United States in January 2025 will pick the NATO secretary-general,” Grenell added. 

“Mark Rutte spent 10+ years destroying our country. His promises are worthless. He’s a pathological liar and a warmongering globalist,” Dutch political commentator Eva Vlaardingerbroek said.

Vlaardingerbroek represents the Dutch public there, far more than the ‘democratically elected’ leader of the Netherlands, Rutte, does — or ever did.

Trump takes everything personally, and would oppose Rutte merely for that reason; but even if he would replace Rutte with a different person, there’s little if any reason to believe that Trump would be less of an imperialist than Biden and the other U.S. Presidents (with the possible exception of JFK) have been since 1945. NATO is the U.S. regime’s biggest military alliance; and, as long as it will exist, no country anywhere in the world can be safe. All of those weapons are made to be used against the regime’s targets (which are determined by the regime’s billionaires).

And furthermore: no one on the outside knows what such psychopathic liars really believe — if they believe anything at all. For example, on 21 February 2020, Politico headlined “Trump's new intel chief was a Trump critic in 2016” and reported that, “In 2016, before the New York real estate mogul became the GOP presidential nominee, [Richard] Grenell called Trump ‘dangerous’ and spoke out regularly in favor of then-Ohio Gov. John Kasich, according to deleted tweets recovered via a joint inquiry by POLITICO and the cybersecurity firm Nisos.” Moreover: the Jeffrey Epstein Mossad-connected blackmail operation was politically bipartisan about the leaders whom it generated and accumulated blackmail evidence against in order to become able to control them. (And, of course, the intensely corrupt U.S. Government still hides from the public that evidence — presumably videos — like it covers-up all of its dirty-work. But the Government has access to it — and can use it, just as Epstein would have.)

The reason why NATO will be in the same Rutte as it always has been is that it represents only its armaments manufacturers, most of which are American-controlled. It’s what Rutte — like all of his predecessors — has always represented: corruption. And, in capitalist countries, where the armaments-manufacturers control the Government instead of being (like in Russia and China) controlled by the Government, the arms-industry — the ‘defense’ contractors — are the most corrupt industry of all. That’s why, in America, only the ‘Defense’ Department has never been audited


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