Posted by: yohannes zeratsion

Date: Wednesday, 04 January 2017

In the last two days, I read statements issued by the State Department, such as “Washington and Asmara relationship will not be possible” and  “Eritrea has the highest ratio of military personnel.
My first comment to these smear campaign by the State Department (Susan Rice and Obama’s Government) that Eritrea’s military personnel to the working population as 8.1 percent (according to their calculation) is sheer desperate attempts. So what? Let it be known to you that it is not ONLY 8.1%.  It is 100 percent. If this makes you feel rage and tastes you bitter, then let it be so.  6.5 Million Eritreans are Military Personnel. Hear it loud and clear. The People of Eritrea are always in standby, ready to defend their country from occupiers and aggressors.
We Eritreans have not forgotten Obama/Rice’s evil and liars policy against Eritrea, so that WEYANE would simply marsh into Eritrea, without firing a single shot. They instigated the Eritrean Youth Manpower Drain, by promising visas and political asylum to leave their country in order leave WEYANE the door wide open to march into Eritrea. However, God is always with Eritrea and God defends Eritrea. God lets Eritrea’s enemies fall in its hands. Obama/ Susan Rice, WEYANE and the Eritrean Traitors in their Payroll, Plan was still-born.
America has about 800 Military Bases scattered all over the world. America’s Defense Budget is over 853 billion. That is 21,3%  of  its  annual budget. Who questions them about their Military Might or about this huge Defense Budget? Are they invaded by other country? Do they have a border conflict with other country? Nothing at all of these. But why do they demand from other countries, what they don’t adhere to do themselves?
 America and its satellite countries (Germany/UK/France/Sweden etc.) have not the courage to tell the truth. These countries can never move even one step forward, without the permission of America. They are prisoners of America. That is the sad side of the story with these countries. Their house servant, Ethiopia, occupies Eritrean Territory and Obama und Rice have not the courage to tell the truth and intentionally, try to tell the world, the LEEWARD side of the truth.
The German Kanzlerin, Angela Merkel, showed unwavering stand against Russia on Cremea and she is the ardent proponent for the Russian Sanctions till today. She claims International Law on Sovereignty. But when it comes to house maid countries like Ethiopia, violating Sovereign Eritrean Territory, she never uttered a word.  If Justice were to be applied equally overall, then their house servant should have been put under sanction long ago.
The German Government backed tracked on the investment in the mining sector in Eritrea, when America showed them their growling teeth. Such is the double standard of the western countries. It is all lies and deception.
  1. America owes Eritrea reparation of damages inflicted in the denial of its Independence, after the Second World War, unlike all other countries who got their Independence.
  2. America is indebted to Eritrea for the establishment of military bases in its soil, for over thirty years.
  3. America owes Eritrea reparation damages inflicted in allowing Hailesellassie to annex Eritrea.
  4. America  owes  Eritrea  reparation damages for the loss of over 150  thousand  Eritrean lives, in the war of its Independence.
  5. America is guilty to Eritrea for instigating unfounded border conflict on the war of Badme and is still blocking the jurisdiction of the International Court, siding with its Maid Servant. 
  6. The Obama/Susan Rice Government made untold attempts to overthrow or kill our hero and loved Leader. It tried to divide the Eritrean People along religious lines but found no listener. 
  7. The Obama/Susan Rice government after all of its attempts failed, turned creating fabricated sanctions and blocking till today the lifting of the unjust Sanction, by vetoing 1:14 in the 15 Member Security Council.  America’s aggression goes on and on.
Washington’s accusation for not allowing their USAID (US Agency for International Development and other US NGO’s in Eritrea, is for everyone see, especially African People. What is the aim of the USAID? Is it really to help Africa? It is sheer deception. USAID and other America’s NGO’s, like Human Rights, Amnesty International are covert Operations. The names they have  is  simply a camouflage. Their main mission is espionage. Why should we allow espionage in our country?  Espionage to overthrow Governments. Espionage to exploit the Resources of Africa. We do not allow espionage camouflaged as Aid.
It is not without reason that the Philippen President, Duterte called Obama, son of a whore. Why should America Preach on Africa? Who tells America to do this or to do that? America is a raciest country. White Americans call America is White.
Obama does not represent Afro-Americans. To the contrary, he doesn’t care about the woes of Afro-Americans. Since the time Africans were enslaved in America, Afro-Americans are murdered, discriminated and shot like preys. Today Afro-Americans need real Black Leaders who would offer themselves to fight for the Rights of Afro-Americans, like MALCOLM X, MARTIN LUTHER KING, JESSIE JACKSON and others. Obama don’t care and never cares about Black Life in America, let alone to care Black Life in Africa. It is still remains to be a real mystery, why Obama was awarded the NOBEL PEACE PRICE without any previous records to qualify him for the price and this before his accession to the presidency.
In America, Presidents come and go. Although Presidents change, there has never been a time that American Policies change whether domestic or international. Because of their endless thirst of world resources, America is leading wars in the whole world. It is the most hated country in the world. What is surprising is that American Population either approve the Policies of their Government or they are kept in the dark and have no idea what is going on, blended through the Propaganda Machinery in the hands of the Interest Groups, who steer the Government from the dark.
The Eritrean People know  very well, the saying, “the dogs bark but the caravan moves on.” The Eritrean people should not wait for handouts from the advocates of aid. Aid is a disease. It weakens you mentally and physically and you will never recover from it. You will never be yourself. The Eritrean People should build Eritrea with their own hands and sweat. The Germans, the Japanese and the Chinese built their countries with their own hands. They knew the bad effect of aid.
Yohannes Zeratsion
FFM Germany
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