World News Sudan thwarts attempt to smuggle Bashir out of prison

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Date: Saturday, 08 June 2019

Ousted Sudan President, Omar Al-Bashir [File photo]
Ousted Sudan President, Omar Al-Bashir [File photo]

Police in Sudan have thwarted an attempt by “outlawed groups” to smuggle ousted President Omar Al-Bashir from prison.

In a statement issued yesterday, police said there had been attempts to free Al-Bashir and other elements of his regime from their cells.

“Some groups who operate outside the law targeted the headquarters and police departments in the capital and some states, and tried to burn and destroy it to release the accused.”

Al-Bashir has been held in the Kobar prison since he was ousted from power in April.

Police had previously denied reports that there had been attempts to smuggle him from his cell.

Last Tuesday, local media quoted unnamed sources as saying that the security apparatus had foiled an attempt to free Al-Bashir and members of his regime from Kobar.

The sources said that more than 100 elements of Al-Bashir’s regime attacked the prison but security forces arrested some of them.



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