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Israel Makes Official Its Ethnic-Cleansing Objective for Gaza

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Date: Monday, 01 January 2024

Israel Makes Official Its Ethnic-Cleansing Objective for Gaza

Eric Zuesse (blogs at

On the final day of 2023, December 31st, Reuters, a U.S.-and-allied journalistic institution, headlined “Israeli minister repeats call for Palestinians to leave Gaza”, and opened: “One of the senior figures in Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's right-wing coalition called on Sunday [Dec. 31st] for Palestinian residents of Gaza to leave the besieged enclave, making way for Israelis who could ‘make the desert bloom’.” That phrase “make the desert bloom” was used by the zionist (or Jewish-fascist) creators of the Israeli apartheid anti-Palestinian nation back at its founding during the 1948 ethnic-cleansing of Palestinians from the land, and even during the years leading up to that ethnic cleansing, as being an excuse for that ethnic cleansing, “to make the desert bloom.” The Reuters article continued:

The comments by Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich, who has been excluded from the war cabinet and discussions of day-after arrangements in Gaza, appear to underscore fears in much of the Arab world that Israel wants to drive Palestinians out of land where they want to build a future state, repeating the mass dispossession of Palestinians when Israel was created in 1948.

So, that article’s headline could honestly have been “Israel Makes Official Its Ethnic-Cleansing Objective for Gaza” — especially because even that article acknowledges “the mass dispossession of Palestinians when Israel was created in 1948”; and, so, Israel’s ethnic-cleansing against Palestinians is acknowledged in that article as having originated that far back (and therefore as NOT being new after 7 October 2023).  

Certainly, Gaza has not been “blooming,” and Israel has severely limited food and medicine being allowed into Gaza, so as to punish the Gazans for being there, and has made almost impossible for any Gazan to leave Gaza, ever since the 1990s and especially after Gazans in 2006 elected Hamas to lead them. And thus Gaza is called by many people “the world’s largest open-air prison.” So: on the one hand, Israel has been punishing the residents of Gaza by its siege against them, but on the other hand Israel hasn’t been allowing Gazans to leave Gaza; and, now, Israel is trying to perpetrate ethnic-cleansing so as to replace the Gazans by Israeli settlers who will “make the desert bloom” in Gaza by those Jewish-fascist settlers who will be supported by the very same Israel’s government that has been impoverishing the Gazans and prohibiting them from making their desert there bloom. 

Polls show that 74% of Americans think Hamas wants Genocide of Israelis, and that 31% of Americans think Israel wants genocide of Gazans (which genocide Israel has actually wanted ever since Israel was founded in 1948). Polls also show that Americans also falsely believe that Hamas (which is supported by 88% of Palestinians) is rejected by Palestinians. How can a democracy exist in America if the public are so extremely deceived as this? It can’t (and doesn’t).

Therefore, polls also show that Americans support America’s supplying to Israel’s government the airplanes and bombs and missiles and tanks and intelligence-support that make this ethnic cleansing by Israel’s soldiers possible.

Whether this ethnic cleansing will exterminate all Gazans, or instead exterminate some and expel the survivors into the adjoining desert in order for them to be either starved to death there or else become lifelined by the U.N.’s refugee agency, isn’t yet clear; but, by now, at least the ethnic-cleansing of them has become a publicly admitted goal of Israel, and not merely (as it had previously been) Israel’s clear intention from its bombing of Gaza’s refugee camps, schools, hospitals, residential areas, and other civilian structures. 


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