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Why WW III is a realistic possibility

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Date: Sunday, 14 January 2024

Why WW III is a realistic possibility

Eric Zuesse (blogs at

When I headlined on January 14th “Biden: No WW III Until 5 November 2024 at the Earliest”, the first two reader-comments were “WHAT ARE YOU SMOKING?” and “Biden has about as much control over when war starts as he does over the words coming out of his mouth.”

When George W. Bush invaded Iraq on 20 March 2003, there was no congressional declaration of war against Iraq but only the Bush Administration’s and ‘news’-media’s lies against Iraq, and yet Bush was not executed for treason against the U.S. Constitution and against the American people as would have happened in a democracy. Of course, if America’s Commander-In-Chief Joe Biden wants to blitz-nuclear attack Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, and/or any other country, then what is there to stop him from doing so? America isn’t ruled by its public; it is ruled by its controlling owners, and they’re not the public. Whom are they?

As I reported in my 8 October 2023 “Why RFK Jr. Will Announce on Monday He’ll Run as an Independent”, I noted that the Peoples Party had explained on 28 September 2023 that the Democratic National Committee (DNC) is a self-selecting group of billionaires and their lobbyists and politicians who together own the private self-selecting membership corporation (private club) of that name, and this membership corporation chooses the Party’s nominees — no voters in primaries and caucuses or otherwise actually do, but those political events are merely for show, political propaganda, in order to fool those voters to do what the mega-donors to that Party want them to do (vote for those billionaires’ favorites) — and the same is true of the RNC (Republican National Committee) and of America’s minor Parties; and this institutionalized political corruption in the United States was the reason why RFK Jr. had just decided to quit trying to win the DNC’s nomination to be on America’s upcoming November 5th Presidential ballots: the DNC had already chosen Biden, no matter what its voters want. America's billionaires own not only the major Parties but the major media; and they also own the nation’s military contractors, the firms whose income is derived from selling not to consumers but to the U.S. Government and its colonies (‘allies’). This is where the big money is, and since at least 1945, has been made for the big-money people. (America’s Founders had no idea of it; so, they weren’t able to write the Constitution in a way that would have prevented it from occurring — they never even imagined it.)

Why does the U.S. Government spend $1.5 trillion annually now (and growing each and every year while the non-‘defense’ expenditures of the U.S. Government decline) on its military, which amount is half of the entire world’s military expenditures (which the U.S.-allied SIPRI falsely calculates at $2.24 trillion but is actually around $3 trillion per year)? Military expenditures in countries such as the U.S., where the armaments-manufacturers are capitalist, majority-owned (or else completely owned) by private investors instead of (like in Russia and China) by the Government, serve the billionaire investors who control those firms and these are the same investors who virtually own the Government(s) that their firms sell to; and these investors (and their employees and other agents) don’t serve the public in that country: they serve their corporations. These same billionaire investors own controlling interests in the news-media, which promote to the voters the ‘need’ to spend more on “the military” and to cut the Government’s expenditures (so that the military will go up while the non-military will go down). Those same billionaire investors have financed the political careers of virtually all members of the U.S. Congress and all recent U.S. Presidents, and therefore these super-rich few political-campaign donors control the U.S. Government and not only its military and ‘news’-media — they control public opinion in this ‘democracy’. Wars have been immensely profitable for these investors (for example: here’s the growth in value of the stock in Raytheon Corporation, on whose board of directors sat, for example, Lloyd Austin, Biden’s Secretary of ‘Defense’). 

The man who in 2019 organized his fellow billionaires to invest in Biden’s Presidential campaign was formerly Vice-Chairman (and perhaps the largest individual investor) in Lockheed Martin corporation (though the CIA-affiliated Wikipedia avoids even to mention Lockheed in its article on that person: Bernard Schwarz — who owns Joe Biden if any single person does, but instead Biden is owned by all of the Democratic Party’s billionaires: especially all 66 of them that invested in Biden against his Democratic Party rivals).

So, in America, it’s the money that actually rules, the voters are only their pawns.

Although those billionaires control Biden, the Constitution has appointed the nation’s Commander-In-Chief to control the nation’s nuclear button; and what is there to prevent him from pressing it if and when he will feel like doing so? This situation up till now has been fantastically profitable for those billionaires, but they wouldn’t be able to stop him if he decides to turn the international military game from being one of “chicken” to being one of “Nuclear Primacy”. As a Senator he voted in 2002 to invade Iraq, and he has been a consistent “neoconservative” or advocate for U.S. Government supremacy over the entire world, and the Constitution placed in his hands since 2021 this power, even if not this authority (since he would be exercising this power without any congressional declaration of war), and not even the billionaires who own him would be able to stop him from exercising that power.

Only idiots assume that a nation’s leader cannot be “insane.” The record is clear that it can happen. 

A nuclear war between America and either Russia or China would produce a nuclear winter that would produce “360 million people would die directly from the explosions, and over 5 billion, more than half of the world’s population, would die from starvation during just the first two years.” It would almost certainly start as a non-nuclear war, but the losing side in that conflict would then be placed into the position of either accepting that defeat or else going nuclear in an attempt to ‘win’ that war, which attempt would destroy the world. America’s President FDR had a plan to prevent this from happening, but his successor Truman blocked it from being implemented, because he wanted the U.S. Government to control the entire world. FDR hadn’t selected Truman as his 1944 running-mate: the DNC’s billionaires did — and that has made all the difference since then: Truman and his hero Eisenhower together built the military-industrial complex. Ike warned America against it on 17 January 1961 so that only his successors would get the blame for it.


Investigative historian Eric Zuesse’s latest book, AMERICA’S EMPIRE OF EVIL: Hitler’s Posthumous Victory, and Why the Social Sciences Need to Change, is about how America took over the world after World War II in order to enslave it to U.S.-and-allied billionaires. Their cartels extract the world’s wealth by control of not only their ‘news’ media but the social ‘sciences’ — duping the public.

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