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How America’s Media Always Accept Their Lying Government

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Date: Friday, 19 January 2024

How America’s Media Always Accept Their Lying Government

Eric Zuesse (blogs at

Whereas some American media are controlled by Republicans (conservatives), some are controlled by Democrats (liberals). Republican media hide facts that they don’t want their audience to know, and Democratic media hide facts that they don’t want their audience to know; but there are many important facts that all billionaires (the people who control the Government) in both Parties want the public not to know, and so those facts are not in any of the mainstream media, because the U.S. Government lies profusely and is controlled by its billionaires who have funded the careers of virtually all successful politicians in America so as to have control over its Government. 

For example, one mainstream medium in America is the National Tax Journal, which is published by the National Tax Association, which Association, on its home page, shows only one item under its “Recent Announcements”: “Statement from the National Tax Association on Racial Injustice”. That topic is one that many billionaires (including virtually all of the liberal ones, but also more than half of the conservative ones) find attractive to promote, because it distracts the public from the even more deepseated injustice in America, which permeates its Government (in both Parties), which is bigotry against the poor instead of against particular ‘races’. Billionaires are the top class in the increasingly rigidified American caste system, and so they want to fool the public into thinking that the main form of discrimination in the U.S. is based on ‘race’ instead of on class, because they don’t want there to be a Second American Revolution — this time not against the foreign British aristocracy but against the domestic American one: America’s billionaires and centi-millionaires, who virtually own the U.S. Government. By promoting ‘race’ instead of class as the core form of injustice by the U.S. Government, they encourage war by each ‘race’ against the others, instead of to encourage the non-billionaires to join the class-war that the billionaires have long been perpetrating upon the entire American public — everybody less-rich than themselves.

As the liberal wing of it said, in the person of its Warren Buffett, “There’s class warfare, all right, but it’s my class, the rich class, that’s making war, and we’re winning.” (He told this to the conservative Ben Stein reporting in the aristocracy’s New York Times, on 26 November 2006, but that newspaper woudn’t let readers access the article online, and instead preferred to make it available online only to its subscribers until 21 February 2010 at the earliest or 15 March 2010 at the latest. And the statement that Buffett made there is true (as was subsequently documented in that article from a Democratic Party news-site that removed this article because of its documenting what the billionaires — both Democratic and Republican — require to be hidden). But the 31 March 2019 issue of Forbes headlined “Reimagining Capitalism: How The Greatest System Ever Conceived (And Its Billionaires) Need To Change” and reported: “‘America works, and it works now better than it ever worked,’ Buffett says.” Better for himself and other billionaires, that is. But not for the bottom 90%, and it worked lousy for the bottom 50%, and still worse — economic decline — for the bottom 25%. But to the liberal Buffett, that’s still “better than it ever worked.” So: all that America’s billionaires can give to their dictatorship’s class-war (other than the mere hypocritical lip-service that Buffett and other Democratic Party billionaires give to it to show that they are ‘progressive’) is yet more of their funding of the careers of the most skillfully corrupt politicians to represent them in Washington — continuing to fund such lying politicians, and the billionaires’ media.

In other words: both Democratic and Republican successful politicians are successful because they are financed by billionaires and centimillionaires, not because they are good for the public.

So, for example, here, mainly from U.S.-and-allied media that aren’t owned or otherwise controlled by America’s super-rich (but also from UK billionaires’ media that support the UK and U.S. Governments, and also from U.S. Democratic Party media against Republican politicians) is how the billionaires’ media hide the Government’s lies that are against nations that those controlling owners, America’s (and UK’s) super-rich, want to conquer and want for U.S. (& UK) taxpayers to be left holding the bag in order to fund the U.S. and UK billionaires’ war to control not merely the U.S. Government but the entire planet:


“How the West is Laundering Lies Through ‘Experts' to Target Gaza”

The New Atlas, 24 October 2023, Brian Berletic analyzes

Gov’t. lies get pumped by its funded nonprofits. Then get pumped by ‘news’-media.


January 18, 2024

“Mainstream Media Lies About U.S. Wars In Iraq Wear On”

Another blatant mainstream media lie:

…  Roughly 2,500 U.S. personnel are based in Iraq, with Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shia al-Sudani saying that their presence is needed to help stop the Islamic State from regaining ground. …


> The meeting addressed the withdrawal of the international coalition forces in Iraq, which the government included in its agenda following the development achieved by the Iraqi forces.

The Iraqi Prime Minister also talked about the need to end the mission of the international coalition in Iraq through dialogue to ensure a smooth transition of its duties.

Al-Sudani explained that Iraq does not mind cooperating with the countries of the international coalition in fields of armament, training, and equipment within the framework of bilateral ties that unite Iraq and the coalition’s member countries. …


“Unofficial Translation of U.S.-Iraq Troop Agreement from the Arabic Text”


“Article 5: Ownership of Property”

Iraq owns all the buildings and installations, the nontransferable structures on the ground that are located in the areas and installations agreed upon, including those the U.S. utilizes, constructs, changes or improves.

At withdrawal, the U.S. will return all the installations and the agreed upon areas allocated for the use of the U.S. combat forces

“All U.S. forces are to withdraw from all Iraqi territory, water and airspace no later than the 31st of December of 2011.”

“It is not permitted to use Iraqi land, water and airspace as a route or launching pad for attacks against other countries.”

“This agreement is valid for three years unless it is terminated by one of the parties before that period ends in accordance with item (3) of this article.”

This agreement is not to be amended unless by formal written approval of both parties and in accordance with the constitutional procedures in both countries.

The validity of this agreement will terminate after one year from the date that either of the two parties receives written notification for termination.


“Barack Obama: All US troops to leave Iraq in 2011”

21 October 2011

All US troops will be pulled out of Iraq by the end of the year, President Barack Obama has announced.

He ordered a complete withdrawal from the country, nearly nine years after the invasion under President George W Bush.

About 39,000 US troops remain in Iraq, down from a peak of 165,000 in 2008.

The US and Iraq were in "full agreement" on how to move forward, Mr Obama said, adding: "The US leaves Iraq with our heads held high."

"That is how America's military efforts in Iraq will end.” …


“Obama announces the full withdrawal of troops from Iraq but fails to persuade Nouri al-Maliki to allow US to keep bases there”

Ewen MacAskill in Washington

Fri 21 Oct 2011 15.37 ED

The US suffered a major diplomatic and military rebuff on Friday when Iraq finally rejected its pleas to maintain bases in the country beyond this year.

Barack Obama announced at a White House press conference that all American troops will leave Iraq by the end of December, a decision forced by the final collapse of lengthy talks between the US and the Iraqi government on the issue.

The Iraqi decision is a boost to Iran, which has close ties with many members of the Iraqi government and which had been battling against the establishment of permanent American bases. …

Maliki, though he has been criticised in the past for being too close to Iran, had wanted to keep some US troops in Iraq to help train Iraqi security forces and to help in the event of a resurgence of sectarian violence. But he had to bow to pressure from pro-Iranian politicians and others in his coaliton government who wanted all US troops out.

Obama was ambivalent on the issue, seeing a total withdrawal as a good sell to a US public tired of war. But the Pentagon had wanted the bases, and the president reluctantly sided with the military staff.

It will be a major logistical exercise, moving not only the remaining 39,000 US troops but mountains of equipment from bases that are the size of small American suburbs, complete with coffee-shops, bowling alleys and cinemas. …


“U.S. to Send 600 More Troops to Iraq to Help Retake Mosul From ISIS”

28 September 2016

WASHINGTON — President Obama has authorized sending an additional 600 American troops to Iraq to assist Iraqi forces in the looming battle to take back the city of Mosul from the Islamic State, United States officials said on Wednesday.

The announcement means that there will soon be 5,000 American troops in Iraq, seven years after the Obama administration withdrew all American troops from the country. Donald J. Trump, the Republican presidential nominee, has criticized both Mr. Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the Democratic nominee, for that decision. …


“Donald and Melania Trump visit US troops in Iraq on Christmas trip”

• 27 December 2018

US President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump have made an unannounced Christmas visit to US troops in Iraq.

They travelled there "late on Christmas night" to thank troops for "their service, their success and their sacrifice", the White House said.

Mr Trump said the US had no plans to pull out of Iraq. …


“Invaders, allies, occupiers, guests: A brief history of U.S. military involvement in Iraq”

11 January 2020

For the past 17 years, the United States has maintained a military presence in Iraq. On Friday, Iraq’s prime minister asked the United States to send a delegation to discuss a mechanism for withdrawing U.S. troops. In response, the U.S. State Department said it was ready to “recommit to our strategic partnership — not to discuss troop withdrawal.”

[Getting U.S. troops out of Iraq might not be that hard, say experts]

More so than at any point since the rise of the Islamic State in 2014, foreign troop presence in Iraq is now in question. Iranian-backed militias and politicians want U.S. troops to leave to strengthen Iran’s influence, and many anti-government protesters, who have been filling Iraq’s streets for months, want both the United States and Iran out to overhaul the corrupt and sectarian political system set up after the U.S.-led invasion in 2003.

Analysts warn that this impasse will only strengthen the remnants of the Islamic State, which the United States says its troops are on the ground to combat. …


“Iraq Is the One War Zone Trump Doesn’t Want to Leave”

3 February 2020  Kathy Gilsinan is a staff writer at The Atlantic, covering national security and global affairs

The president’s resistance to withdrawing from the country boils down to three of his main enemies: ISIS, Iran, and Obama.

Donald Trump has harangued generals at the Pentagon over what he’s called the “loser war” in Afghanistan and their failure to end it. He has dismissed Syria as “sand and death,” and complained that the United States was supposed to be there for only a “short-term hit.” He has sought and failed to get rapid pullouts from both places. But he hasn’t made any such promise for Iraq. In fact, he has recently made the opposite case: that the roughly 5,000 U.S. troops there must stay.

When the Iraqi Parliament voted to expel U.S. troops last month—out of anger at the brazen strike that killed an Iranian general in Iraq without its government’s approval—Trump vowed not to leave at all, and threatened sanctions if forced to do so. …



Investigative historian Eric Zuesse’s latest book, AMERICA’S EMPIRE OF EVIL: Hitler’s Posthumous Victory, and Why the Social Sciences Need to Change, is about how America took over the world after World War II in order to enslave it to U.S.-and-allied billionaires. Their cartels extract the world’s wealth by control of not only their ‘news’ media but the social ‘sciences’ — duping the public.

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