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What U.S. ‘news’-media are hiding about the January 28th drone attack that killed 3 U.S. servicemen

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Date: Monday, 29 January 2024

What U.S. ‘news’-media are hiding about the January 28th drone attack that killed 3 U.S. servicemen

Eric Zuesse (blogs at

They are hiding that Jordan’s Government denies that the 3 servicemen were killed in Jordan as the U.S. Government alleges but 12 miles away at America’s illegal military base in Syria to train ISIS and al-Qaeda there to overthrow Syria’s Government, and that the “Tower 22” U.S. military base that the U.S. Government alleges was hit in Jordan is hidden from the Jordanian public because the U.S. Government and the King of Jordan don’t want Jordanians to know that Jordan is a colony in the U.S. empire instead of a sovereign and independent country, and that the secret “Tower 22” U.S. military base in Jordan is where the U.S. trainers of ISIS are housed but they work at the illegal al-Tanf military base in Syria, and that according to Jordan’s Government, the three were killed at al-Tanf not at Tower 22. (A Reuters reporter tweeted on January 28th, “An attack that killed three American servicemen was not on Jordanian soil but in Syria, a spokesperson for Jordan's government said on Sunday." but couldn’t get published by Reuters a news-story, and even that tweet didn’t so much as mention the al-Tanf U.S. base where — according to Jordan’s Government — the servicemen were killed.) No U.S. news-report has been published on these matters.

The reason for these deceits by the U.S. Government is that the U.S. Government wants the U.S. public to support invading Iran, which backs Syria’s Government, which Government the U.S. Government has been actively trying to overthrow ever since 2011. Whereas Jordan is not allied with Iran, Syria’s Government is; and that’s the Government America is trying to overthrow. So: the U.S. Government doesn’t want the American people to know that those troops are the occupying power, which occupier Jordan’s Government secretly obeys, but which Syria’s Government has constantly urged to leave their country.

The SouthFront site has lots more about this that the U.S. Government wants the American people NOT to know.


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