EU has decided to join U.S. ditching both Russia & China.

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Date: Tuesday, 09 May 2023

EU has decided to join U.S. ditching both Russia & China.

Eric Zuesse

On May 9th, Bloomberg News headlined “Italy Intends to Exit China Belt and Road Pact as Relations Sour”, and reported that though “Italy is the only G-7 country in the Belt and Road Initiative,” Italy’s new leader, the right-wing Georgia Meloni, has privately told Washington that her Government will withdraw from it and join Washington’s economic war against China. Ms. Meloni had attracted voters during her political campaign by asserting that she would re-establish Italy’s national independence, but that promise now clearly will be broken by her. 

The Wikipedia article on her mentions her background:

In 1992, Meloni joined the Youth Front, the youth wing of the Italian Social Movement (MSI), a neo-fascist political party founded in 1946 by former followers of Italian fascist dictator Benito Mussolini. She later became the national leader of Student Action, the student movement of the National Alliance (AN), a post-fascist party that became the MSI's legal successor in 1995.

Just the same as Mussolini, the current nationalist leader of fascist Italy has accepted the position of Italy as being a vassal-nation of a global-imperialist power, but this time America instead of Nazi Germany in the 1940s. Georgia Meloni is today accepting the position of Italy as being a vassal-nation of today’s neoconservative (or global-imperialist) America. That Bloomberg News article provides links, at its end, to two additional Bloomberg articles, which document the prior steps that Ms. Meloni has taken in order to align her country’s foreign policies with those of the United States: 

22 April 2023: Italy Rethinks Its Close China Ties as US Backs Stronger Break
Premier leaning toward ditching deal on Belt and Road program
Italy seen as ‘stuck between a rock and a hard place’

28 April 2023: Europe Takes Tougher Stance Toward China in Boost to US Policy
Germany and Italy have struck a tougher line on China policy
European capitals have taken note of China’s close Russia ties

This means that Italy, which had been the most independence-minded of the leading EU nations, is now getting fully in line with the U.S. Government’s build-up toward a World War Three against both Russia and China. The preliminary phase of this WW III is to establish an Iron Curtain or great wall separating the U.S. and its allies from both Russia and China; and this is being done by increasing enforcement of America’s secondary sanctions penalizing any of its allies that fails to comply with America’s primary sanctions, which are against Russia and now also increasingly also against China. However, now, existing deals between U.S.-allied countries on the one hand, and either Russia or China on the other, — deals such as Italy had formerly joined regarding China’s Belt-and-Road Initiative — are also being broken off, in order to build this new American fascist-imperialist Iron Curtain.

The May 9th Bloomberg article states that “The US has actively pressured Rome to take a public stance on the issue, and ditch the pact, said the people, who asked not to be identified because the discussions are private.” However, it’s now clear that all of the leading countries in the EU, and perhaps ultimately all of the EU countries, will end up being on the U.S. side of this Great Wall that will be separating the EU from Asia, and even from the largest of all European countries, which is Russia. Wikipedia says that, “European Russia accounts for about 75% of Russia's total population. It covers an area of over 3,995,200 square kilometres (1,542,600 sq mi), with a population of nearly 110 million — making Russia the largest and most populous country in Europe.” (That’s without including its Asian part.) The U.S. Government has decided to cut off even Europe’s biggest country, and not allow even that area, which is in Europe, to have commerce with the U.S.-controlled portion of Europe. The U.S.-led cut-off or Iron Curtain or Great Wall is being instituted only gradually; but the termination of the EU’s participation (via Italy) in China’s Belt-and-Road Initiative, will constitute an enormous breakthrough for the regime in Washington.

America’s empire now includes all of the EU, Canada, UK, Japan, South Korea, Australia, and New Zealand. All three of WW II’s fascist-imperialist Axis powers (Germany, Italy, and Japan) are now united together in it.

On May 3rd, U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken stated publicly that if Ukraine’s government decides to assassinate Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, then the U.S. Government will have no objection to their doing that. The U.S. Congress now has two separate pieces of proposed legislation being considered to prepare America to declare war against both Russia and China. One (which is nominally against China) would establish martial law over all news media; and the other (which is specifically against Russia) would guarantee that if Ukraine fails to defeat Russia in Ukraine, then the U.S. will invade Russia to achieve that victory.


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