Inaugural Africa Climate Summit Ministerial Day; Path to Resilient and Sustainable Future

Posted by: Semere Asmelash

Date: Wednesday, 06 September 2023

Inaugural Africa Climate Summit Ministerial Day; Path to Resilient and Sustainable Future


The inaugural Africa Climate Summit (ACS) commenced with a Ministerial Day, heralding a significant step towards addressing the pressing climate challenges facing Africa and the world. The overarching theme, “Driving Green Growth & Climate Finance Solutions For Africa And The World,” underscores the urgency and determination to combat climate change on the African continent and beyond.

The Ministerial Day featured a series of high-level discussions and panels that brought together key stakeholders, world leaders, and experts to lay the groundwork for a more sustainable and resilient future. Here is a concise summary of the day’s events.

Plenary 1: Opening: The Power of the Potential

The first plenary session set the stage for the day, emphasizing Africa’s potential in addressing climate challenges. It highlighted the imperative for a more equitable financial system and laid the path forward to COP28. Youth representatives and Indigenous People and Local Communities added their voices, articulating their vision for a sustainable future. Distinguished speakers included the President of Kenya, H.E. William Ruto, and UNFCCC Executive Secretary Simon Stiell.

Parallel Sessions: Throughout the day, parallel sessions delved into critical aspects of climate action and sustainability.

1. Scaling International Climate Finance for Africa Discussions revolved around the need to scale external climate finance funding, reduce capital costs, and create a supportive policy environment. Notable participants included ministers from South Africa, Denmark, Egypt, and other countries.

2. Investment Opportunities for Food Systems Transformation in Africa This session focused on sustainable food systems, strategies to boost agricultural production, and encouraging private sector investments. High-level participants from Ethiopia, Senegal, Ghana, and other countries explored innovative solutions.

3. Accelerating Climate Resilient Investments in Water With an emphasis on water’s pivotal role in Africa’s development, discussions centered on bridging the investment gap. Distinguished speakers included ministers from Senegal, Namibia, and international organizations.

4. Carbon Markets in the Global South This session spotlighted Africa’s role in voluntary carbon markets and outlined strategies to amplify its impact. Notable figures such as John Kerry, US Special Envoy for Climate, joined the conversation.

5. Harnessing Africa’s Renewable Energy Potential Key participants underscored Africa’s vast renewable energy potential and discussed strategies for clean energy investments. Ministers from Mauritania, Malawi, and South Africa shared insights.

6. Adaptation Across the Continent Ministers from Egypt, Libya, and Malawi engaged in discussions about adaptation action, investment needs, and resource mobilization to enhance resilience.

7. Africa’s Green Hydrogen, Manufacturing, and Trade Potential Exploring Africa’s capacity in green hydrogen production and its role in fostering economic growth, this session included contributions from ministers of Kenya, Namibia, and Saudi Arabia.

8. Investment in Nature and Biodiversity Addressing biodiversity finance gaps and the necessity for increased investments in nature-based solutions was a critical focus. High-level speakers included representatives from Ghana, Seychelles, and international organizations.

9. Integrated Liveable African Cities Discussions centered on urban challenges, data-driven strategies, and sustainable urban planning, featuring ministers from Kenya, Uganda, and international organizations.

10. Spotlight on African Financial Markets This session delved into climate finance in Africa and pathways to innovate financial markets. Contributions came from ministers of Kenya, Barbados, the UK, and others.

11. Elevating the Role of Ocean Governance and Blue Economy in Africa The importance of the blue economy and Africa-Europe collaboration in ocean governance took the spotlight, with high-level participation from ministers of Angola, Seychelles, and international organizations.

12. Investing in Green Transport in Africa This session highlighted the pivotal role of sustainable transport in reducing emissions and advocated for policy reforms. Ministers from Kenya and representatives from international organizations actively contributed to the discussion.


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