Dehai News “Which one has to come first? Social justice or democracy?

Posted by: Berhane Habtemariam

Date: Monday, 13 February 2017


As human beings our needs and wants are infinity. However, whether it is in politics or in a simple individuals’ life it is very important to identify those pressing issues and prioritizing them according to their core values.

Now though, let’s concentrate on what’s going on in our country (Eritrea) under the Government of Eritrea (GoE) led by President Isaias Afework (PIA) as well as our surrounding. However, I am not a politician nor a political analyst, but simply an ordinary Eritrean who concerns and follows episodes regarding the state of Eritrea in day-in and-day-out basis as all my Eritrean fellows so I would like to express my view on PIA’s recent interview with Eritrea’s local media.

In my humble opinion, a society or nation without an equitable social justice, neither it can be progressive nor it can have a sustainable and durable peace. To justify this, our continent Africa is a simple example. Almost for one of a century, the Africa content has been in a quagmire and miserable state due to its inequitable of social justice among its societies. Let’s screening out (without going into a great of details just contemplate in your mind) the whole African continent from South Africa to North Africa, Tunisia and Libya from East Africa, Somalia and Ethiopia and all the way to West Africa, Nigeria and Sierra Leone and so on and so forth, are a typical guinea-pigs to thequestion says “Which one has to come first? Social justice or democracy?

The content of Africa is where the politician elites (in my view PIA is exception) and their associates are living like kings’ life whereas the grassroots and masses are living in a static and acute poverty and in continuously war and killing each other. This is due to the so called Westerns darling Africa leaders’ divided and conquer policy. (Ethiopia’s Emporia Hailesseie, the junta Mengstu and the minority regime Weyane currently in Ethiopia are without a shred of a doubt a good example and a real facts and factors of the immense suffering not only the people of Ethiopia, but in generally the people of the whole Horn of Africa). In today’s 21st century, the fashionable dirty political business in Africa is to create a nominally political parties and run a bogus and rigged elections where one party such as the minority Weyane, in Ethiopia can claim a 100% landslide victory. Is this you call it a democracy? Come onnnnn give us a break! First of all, a government should endeavour (like GoE is doing) to put social amenities where mothers and children can get at least a basic healthcare, schools where children can attend, agriculture where peasants cultivated (not selling peoples’ land to aliens’ corporates in a few thousand for 100 years like the Weyane does in poor Ethiopia) adequate foods to be self-sufficient and self-reliant not an aid addicted and then when a country be able to induce healthy and educated societies it is then much easier to proceeds and prompt democracy to its nation.

First and foremost, divided and rule like the Weyane’s political tools need to be eliminated from the face of the African content and rather societies should be interacting, integrating and above all need to live in harmony without prejudice one to another under a theme says “one nation – one heart” typically the GoE’s motto. A united nation (like Eritrea) stands, but a divided nation (like Somalia, Ethiopia, Nigeria… ) falls. Therefore, personally I give a credit to the GoE for it nourishing and adhering to united Eritrean societies.

For the last 16 years, the GoE led by PIA has been concentrating in 2 challenging fronts. 1) safeguarding the hard-won Eritrea’s independence from the evil Weyane and its lords as well as the so called Eritrean oppositions most of them matricides and fifth column. Personally, I believe in two heads are better than one, But the big question is what sort of 2 heads are they? In other words, it is good to have two or even three political opposition parts, but the question is what sort of opposition parts? For instance, if a singer sings Yemane Barya’s song on stage, one can say simply the guy is singing Barya’s song. By the same taken, if an option part tamed, moulded up and funded by Weyane for their very evil agendas and speaks the same tune as weyane, what we have to call it? Simply, Weyane or the emissary of Weyane.

Thus, what has to be done then to have 2 or 3 political parties? Again back to square one. The square where a nation builds its infrastructures (in every aspects meaning not only in terms of material, but including its human capital) in its own way of life that suits to its own societies and fits to its purpose. After all, those 2 or 3 political parties need to be funded from within the country I.e. from members of their party or central government and need to be accountable in a transparency way. Otherwise, if a political party funded by the Western governments it must works to its lords under their famous and heinous order says “OUR INTEREST COMES FIRST”. Everyone who can see farther than his/her nose knows that the GoE has had clash with this sort of selfish order comes from the Western Government. This is way the GoE is under constantly demonizing and under economic sanction which imposed on our nation unjustifiably, for no reason and form zero position.

Of course, the GoE need to play the cards he has grabbed in his own hands such implementing a rule of law, establishing an independent judiciary, releasing political prisoners and put them in a court of law, limit national service for 18 months (in the meantime, expand Sawa to the highest standard as it is a shield of our nation both male and female whether the female is Christian or Muslim all need to fulfil their national service duties) and prompt a young and dynamic patriotic politicians who can carry on the EPLF vision and mission of the State of Eritrea and to prevent EPLF’s moulded and blended chain from breaking.

Otherwise, so long as the evil Weyane occupied our sovereignty territory under the blessing of his lords, and as long as the unjustified and illegal economic sanction is imposed on our beloved nation and while the GoE is fighting 2 fronts (Safeguarding and rebuilding the nation) it’s an utterly unethical to push the GoE to the corner.

Whilst the GoE is fighting 2 fronts to make the EPLF mission and vision reality from which our people can reap off all good things in the long term, we should not yearn just the so called fancy – democracy for the sake of hub-hub which has been ruined our continent Africa during the past 60-70 years.


Eternal glory to our honourable martyrs!

Feb. 13, 2017

Wedi Denden

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