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(Parchment Girl) 53 of the Most Highly Anticipated Books Coming This Spring

Posted by: Yemane Abselom

Date: Tuesday, 21 February 2017

53 of the Most Highly Anticipated Books Coming This Spring

I know it’s hard to believe with all the cold weather going around but springtime is almost here, and with it, a whole bunch of exciting new books! This list originally started with over one hundred books but I narrowed it down to the fifty-three most intriguing and interesting reads slated for release this spring. So pull up the Goodreads app on your phone and buckle up! (#1-28 are fiction. #29-53 are nonfiction.)

49. Gratitude in Low Voices by Dawit Gebremichael Habte

Dawit fled his homeland of Eritrea as a teenager. Without their parents or documents to help their passage, they experienced the abuse and neglect known by so many refugees around the world. But Dawit refused to give up. Journeying to the United States under asylum, Dawit studied hard and was accepted to Johns Hopkins University, eventually landing a job as a software engineer at Bloomberg. After a few years, Dawit returned to his homeland to offer business opportunities for other Eritreans. Gratitude in Low Voices is about how one man was marginalized but how compassion and love never abandoned him. It’s about learning how to honor those who help the helpless.

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