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( Brawel between Eritreans and Russians in Munich

Posted by: Biniam Tekle

Date: Saturday, 11 March 2017

Polizei MünchenStreit zwischen Eritreern und Russen artet aus
Thursday, 16.02.2017, 09:36

There is a dispute between the Eritreans and the Russians
Federal Police Inspection Munich There is a dispute between Eritreans and Russians

On Thursday morning (February 16), after a verbal dispute in a fast restaurant in the central station, a number of people were arrested at the end of their stay.

Two 19 and 20-year-old Eritreans are said to have bothered a group of Russian citizens from St. Petersburg in a fast-food restaurant on the gallery of the main station.

After a verbal dispute, one of the Eritreans was said to have attacked a Russian. The Russian and a companion, both of whom were tourists, claimed the attacks. Thereupon, a second Eritreer is said to have both physically attacked. Both Northeast Africans are then to attack the two Russians then with chairs and have thrown with the seats also around themselves.

A police patrol of the Deutsche Bahn Sicherheit, which was located in the counter hall, drew attention to the incident, separated the four men before the dispute threatened to run out of control and informed the federal police.

Both Russians suffered minor injuries in the police record of the incident and complained of pain. Whether they too beat, could not be clarified yet. The two Eritreans were uncooperative to the officials and did not provide any information. Neither to the incident nor to possibly suffered, but not recognizable injuries or pain.

All four men were alcoholized with breathing values ​​of 0.78 and 1.64 (the two Russians) and 1.15 per thousand, respectively. An Eritrean denied voluntary alcohol control.

All four could leave the guard at the end of the police measures. Investigations against dangerous bodily injury were initiated against the two Eritreans. Whether the two Russians have also committed guilty offenses is still the object of the investigation.

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