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( Africairo duo Asia Madani, Ahmed Omar at El-Genaina Theater

Posted by: Biniam Tekle

Date: Thursday, 12 October 2017

Africairo duo Asia Madani, Ahmed Omar at El-Genaina Theater

Mon, Oct. 9, 2017

CAIRO – 9 October 2017: Africairo’s very own duo Sudanese singer Asia Madani and Eritrean-Egyptian musician Ahmed Omar will perform at El-Genaina Theater on Saturday, October 14. 

Madani came to Egypt in 2001 with a strong intention to spread Sudanese culture and music around the world. Her first step was to move across the border to neighboring Egypt. 

As she strived to spread her message to an even bigger audience, Madani participated in cultural awareness initiatives such as the AfriCairo Project and the Nile Project. 

Born to an Eritrean father and an Egyptian mother, Omar has grown up into a mix of African-Egyptian culture. This extraordinary mix reflects in his creative work. Naturally, Omar started looking for other African music pioneers. 

Founded in 2012, AfriCairo focuses on how Africans living in Cairo communicate and mix with Egyptian society through art and music. Although Egypt is itself a country in Africa, its culture is vastly different from that of other African countries. 

The project was undertaken to raise awareness of African culture in Egypt and aimed to “create a dialogue between diverse cultures, customs and traditions.” Along with Omar and Madani, the repertoire consists of three other members. 
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