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( Saudi Arabia arrests Ethiopian-Saudi Sheikh Mohammed Al Amoudi

Posted by: Biniam Tekle

Date: Sunday, 05 November 2017

Internet auto-translated article. See original article under the above link (Moroccan news site) 


By Younès Tantaoui on the 05/11/2017 at 13h13 (updated on 05/11/2017 at 13h24)
Al Amoudi
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The main shareholder of Samir, now in liquidation, Sheikh Mohammed Al Amoudi, is on the list of those arrested in Saudi Arabia Saturday, November 4. His arrest should not have an impact on the liquidation of the Samir.

Citing a senior Saudi official on condition of anonymity, Reuters has just published the list of princes and other Saudi personalities arrested Saturday, November 4 in a purge aimed, officially, to preserve public money, punish the public. corrupt people and those who take advantage of their position.


This list confirms that Walid Ben Talal is one of those arrested. Above all, we find the name of the Saudi businessman Sheikh Mohammed Al Amoudi, known in Morocco for being the main shareholder of the Samir, now in liquidation.


This arrest should have no impact on the liquidation process of the refinery. It is indeed the trustee appointed by the judge commissioner who manages the company. Its shareholder is no more than a creditor to whom the rest of the liquidation is paid after the settlement of all other creditors. Generally, the proceeds of the liquidation do not make it possible to reimburse all the creditors so that something remains to be returned to the shareholder. In the case of Samir it is more than proven.


However, if in Saudi Arabia the investigation reveals any link between the Samir and suspicious transactions carried out by Sheikh Al Amoudi, the latter could also be pursued in the kingdom.


Here is also the list of names revealed by Reuters:


- Prince Al-Walid bin Talal, CEO of Kingdom Holding

- Prince Miteb bin Abdullah, Minister of the National Guard

- Prince Turki ben Abdullah, Governor of Riyadh Province

- Khalid al-Tuwaijri, former head of the royal court

- Adel Fakeih, Minister of the Economy.

- Ibrahim al-Assaf, former Minister of Finance

- Abdullah al-Sultan, Commander of the Saudi navy

- Bakr bin Laden, head of Saudi Binladin Group

- Mohammed al-Tobaishi, former head of the protocol

- Amr al-Dabbagh, former governor of Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority

- Alwaleed al-Ibrahim, owner of the MBC television group

- Khalid al-Mulheim, former director general of Saudi Arabian Airlines

- Saud al-Daweesh, former boss of Saudi Telecom

- Prince Turki ben Nasser, former patron of the Presidency of meteorology and environment

- Prince Fahad bin Abdullah bin Mohammed al-Saud, former deputy

- Saleh Kamel, businessman

- Mohammed al Amoudi, businessman

By Younès Tantaoui

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