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ገጽ-መጽሓፍ፡ ጀነራል ስብሓት ኤፍሬም ብዛዕባ ወያነ ዝበሎ።

Posted by: Berhane Habtemariam

Date: Tuesday, 05 December 2017

ጀነራል ስብሓት ኤፍሬም ብዛዕባ ወያነ ዝበሎ።

Hagerawi Dihnet - ሃገራዊ ድሕነት፡
ታሕሳስ 04, 2017 ዓም ፈረንጂ

What Weyane did is Challenging Shaebia without calculating the risks. & it’s the biggest mistake in modern political history. General Sebhat Ephrem explained very well. Weyane will suffer & pay generation to come of it’s betrayal & irresponsible actions.

Eritrean General Sbhat Efriem strong speech
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