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Tidens Krav / The police have ended the search for missing Eritrean man at Kyrksæterøra

Posted by: Semere Asmelash

Date: Friday, 29 December 2017

The police have released this image of the missing person on the Church Street, asking for tips on the matter.  (Photo: JOHN M. MYRHAUG / POLITICS)

The police have released this image of the missing person on the Church Street, asking for tips on the matter. PHOTO: JOHN M. MYRHAUG / POLICE

The police have completed the search for missing man at Kyrksæterøra

Published: December 29, 2017

The police ended the exploration Friday after the 23-year-old man from Kyrksæterøra in Sør-Trøndelag, who has been missing since Christmas.
"We closed the operation just after 16:00 and no findings have been made," says operations manager Ann Kristin Øye in Trøndelag police district to NTB.
She states, however, that the police will continue working with investigation and intelligence. The missing 23-year-old is believed to have died.
"We have searched in the areas we had planned, now we must see what the further investigation will bring," Øye says.
The missing 23-year-old lives in the center of Kyrksæterøra and was last seen in the city center at 10 o'clock on Wednesday 20 December. The man, originally from Eritrea, was visiting friends on Frøya, but never appeared.
Friday's exploration began in the morning and ended when darkness fell on. Around 50 people had participated in search in forest areas and other areas near the city center.
Tuesday facilitated 40 people after missing the 23-year-old. The read action before that again ended on Christmas Eve.

Considering new search for missing 23 year olds

No discovery after missing man at Kyrksæterøra in private exploration on Christmas Day.
On Christmas Day, nearly 40 people searched for the 23-year-old who has now been missing for one week. The man lived in a cabin on Kyrksæterøra and it was searched on land, in the water and by air by helicopter after the man, originally from Eritrea.

Private exploration

He has not been relegated in Norway, but there has been a warning of relatives in Eritrea.
The police, who have been helped by the Red Cross Assistance Corps, Civil Defense and divers from the fire and rescue service, have yet to finish the search. The last organized search from them ended Christmas Eve. Nor did a private search on Christmas day go finds.

Considering new searches

"We have searched for the information we contain. Now we are working to find out if we can find out more about the movements of the missing one. We have received some tips, but most have turned out to be information about people other than the missing, "said an overseer in Hemne and Snillfjord Anette Ertvåg.
Thursday, the police will consider whether to launch new searches. The snowfall in recent days makes search for land 
difficult. Probably new searches will first and foremost happen in the water.
It has been searched in both rivers on Kyrksæterøra Haugaelva and Søa, which flows through the center and into Hemnfjorden. In Haugaelva it is also sought at the bathing place Haugafossen.
It has been searched in and by both students who run through the center of Kyrksæterøra.
It has been searched in and by both students who run through the center of Kyrksæterøra.

Want tips

The police have been told that the man on Thursday should visit friends on Frøya, but he never appeared there.
The missing is 23 years, slim and 1.73 meters high. The man is reported missing from his cabin at Kyrksæterøra. The last safe observation should be in the 10th time of the previous Wednesday. He is a student at Hemne High School and resides in Frøya.
The police ask for tips on phone 02800.
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