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Eritrea for mobile viewing / Mered case, the inspector Mauro still speaks from the identification to the new interceptions

Posted by: Semere Asmelash

Date: Monday, 08 January 2018


Mered case, the inspector Mauro still speaks from the 
identification to the new interceptions

CHRONICLE - The man, already heard last winter for several weeks, will continue his testimony at the next hearing in January. To bring it before the judges, this time the togati and popular ones of the court of Assizes, are the additions to the investigations on the trafficker of men
« I confirm what was said during the five previous audiences ». This is howGiuseppe Mauro , an inspector of the mobile team from Agrigento, made his debut last winter as part of the trial against the alleged human trafficker Yehdego Medhanie Mered . On that occasion, however, his testimony, which lasted for weeks, had been brought before the court of the fourth penal section.Today, however, the inspector retraced the salient phases of the Glaucus I and II operation before the second Assize court.
Once again, from the acquisition of foreign users to be monitored provided by international cooperation with European law enforcement agencies until the conclusion of the very first investigations, in July 2014. And then the start of the second investigation, the 24 detention and the two first super fugitives, Ermias Ghermay and Mered . Until the arrest of the latter, or at least what the prosecution thinks is the dangerous trafficker, in May 2016 and the extradition in Italy the following month.
And again Atta Weabrebi Nouredin , the first migrant to become a collaborator of justice, and Lidya Tesfu , wife of the trafficker, tracked down and intercepted in Sweden, where he lives with his son who had been trafficked. "Medhanie was identified in early 2016 through collaboration with Nca. Among the various police involved in the investigation and our Public Prosecutor's Office there was a constant exchange of information ", Mauro explains. And then the three phone calls intercepted on May 23, 2016 , a story that makes the atmosphere tense in the classroom and triggers a blow and response between the defense lawyer Michele Calantropo and the judge Alfredo Montalto .
The first one disputes the fact that the content reported by the inspector on the interceptions heard is not objective, because it is not a native Tigrin expert, but something learned through third-party translations, and not directly by the accused. "Every testimony necessarily has something subjective. I take note of his idea different from mine, lawyer, "intervenes Montalto to put a point. The testimony of the inspector Mauro will continue at the next hearing in January, during which he will acknowledge the integrative activity of investigation and the new interceptions for which the prosecution has requested the transcription and the deposit.
Meanwhile, the case continues to be discussed, especially outside the Italian borders. Only a few days ago, in fact, an Eritrean humanitarian organization wrote to the top of the English Nca, but also to our Minister of the Interior Marco Minniti and to the Minister of Justice Andrea Orlando: « We demand the immediate release of Medhanie Tesfamariam Behre - this the identity that has always been declared by the man at Pagliarelli for over a year - currently unjustly detained ", they write. "The circumstances of his arrest and the accusations made against him have by now proved to be unfounded and specious".
From the physical discrepancies to the  statements made exclusively toMeridioNews by the wife of the trafficker Mered , who in front of a photograph of the young man in prison has admitted not only that it is not the husband but also not to know him. Until one of the most recent news, the result of the DNA test performed between the detained boy and the woman who claims to be her mother, which would exclude that behind the bars there is the much sought after trafficker. However, no answer has been received from the note.
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