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Eritrea for mobile viewing Come to profit: As three underage asylum seekers from Somalia and Eritrea in the Basel area deny any cooperation.

Posted by: Berhane Habtemariam

Date: Thursday, 25 January 2018

Come to profit: As three underage asylum seekers from Somalia and Eritrea in the Basel area deny any cooperation.
Christian Keller
«Absolute disinterest». The three minor refugees were missing according to the files of the youth home in the school or disturbed the lessons. Photo: Icon image / Keystone
How should we deal with a person who came to Switzerland as a minor refugee to apply for asylum here - but who has not shown any willingness to integrate since his arrival? And he blithely states to his tutors that for him learning a job "only at the age of about 24" is an option, that he does not want to take the school "seriously" and "first wants to profit for a few years in Switzerland". Thus it is noted in discussion minutes, in which the BaZ had insight.
This is the story of a youth hostel in the canton of Baselland, whose employees saw themselves confronted with this question half a year ago: They wanted to support Ahmed * from Somalia - from whom the above quotes come from - as well as two other young people from Eritrea, in the foreign Environment quickly gain a foothold. The undertaking, which was eagerly anticipated - the institution had never hosted so-called "unaccompanied minor asylum seekers" (UMA) - ended in deep disappointment: because the three migrants did not abide by the rules and did not make an effort at school, but instead If they were constantly causing trouble, their right to residency was terminated after a few months.
"The home's employees hoped to make a contribution to helping traumatized adolescents reach the age of majority. In the end, they were no longer willing to work with UMAs, "says one person familiar with the process. The care team came "into the world". «The allegedly needy people turned out to be troublemakers with a high claim mentality and a low willingness to perform.»
Promising starting position
It was in the summer of 2016, when the home management was asked if they could take the three UMAs, all 16 years old. The people in charge gladly agreed that they were convinced that they would provide asylum seekers in their housing group with "ideal foundations" for the integration process. This is what it says in an internal paper that is available to BaZ. For example, "living together with Swiss young people" or learning German were called "positive prerequisites". The UMAs could learn "fundamentals" - mutual respect, reliability, responsibility, punctuality - which they later used in their professional lives. In addition, there are "opportunities to create links to the world of work".
What cost the UMAs the taxpayers for several months is not known in detail. The youth homes in the Basel region generally charge between 250 and 350 francs per day and per person. The amount should amount to tens of thousands of francs.
The new residents had hardly moved into their rooms in autumn 2016, when the irritations began. To be prepared for the cold season, the carers drove with Ahmed and the two Eritreans, let's call them Eden * and Fanuel *, to several Brockenstuben in the canton of Baselland. But the winter clothes that were chosen for them obviously displeased the fashionable tastes of the young men. "They were disappointed and told us they would rather go shopping at H & M or at Dolce & Gabbana," says a BaZ insider.
Similarly, the assessment of his Eritrean compatriot Fanuel, with whom he maintained a close friendship. Fanuel had also refused to teach, "said to be ill, but then suddenly went back regularly." Even though he had "a lot of potential", he had always been negative. "In addition to the linguistic hurdle, he waved in content over and over again. It was more important to him to be outside or to sleep during the day. »
In the group home, Eden and Fanuel behaved in a commanding manner that led to crisis meetings with the caregivers, the home management and the counselors. Although the regulations clearly forbid this, the Eritreans insisted on maintaining constant access to the Internet and Facebook. She did not care about keeping her sleep: "After 10 pm you hear music at such a loud volume that the roommates are bothered by it. The request to turn down the music is unfortunately ignored and even acknowledged with a laugh ", is noted in the site talk on 8 July 2017.
Blackmailed under threats
The minutes also show that the two youngsters have been provided with a track 7, a season pass in the swimming pool, a bicycle and other things to give them an enjoyable leisure time. Instructions were followed according to the documents available to the BaZ, but not because: it came rather to serious incidents. Other residents were "extorted of threats for money." In addition, Eden and Fanuel harassed women with sexist signs and swear words.
At the end of July 2017, the home management pulled the rip cord: The project was aborted, the UMAs placed in front of the door and repositioned.
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