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(SRF) «There is a better knowledge of the situation in Eritrea»

Posted by: Semere Asmelash

Date: Wednesday, 04 April 2018

«There is a better knowledge of the situation in Eritrea»

Up to 3,200 Eritreans should lose their provisional admission: the return to Eritrea is "reasonable," writes the State Secretariat for Migration (SEM) the person affected. In 2015, Justice Minister Simonetta Sommaruga said sending people back to Eritrea was "unthinkable". SEM spokesman Martin Reichlin explains the change of course in the interview.

Portrait of Martin Reichlin.
Legend:Martin Reichlin is media spokesman at the State Secretariat for Migration (SEM).SRF

SRF News: Which Eritreans get the letter announcing the suspension of the provisional admission by the State Secretariat for Migration?

Martin Reichlin: These are persons whose asylum application was rejected years ago and who received a provisional admission. We will now check the reasons for these preliminary recordings.

Can you guarantee that nothing will happen to the returnees in Eritrea? 

That's the subject of the exam, which is now running. One will have to look at each individual case in context, and decide whether the reasons for a provisional admission are still given or not. Because we speak of Eritreans, whose asylum application was rejected. Switzerland therefore assumes that there is no asylum-relevant persecution.

In 2015, Federal Councilor Simonetta Sommaruga said no one would be sent back to Eritrea. Now comes the U-turn.

Switzerland does not send anyone back to Eritrea, which needs the protection of Switzerland. We are talking about 3200 cases where the asylum application was rejected, but hindrances make a return unreasonable at that time. Now it is checked if these reasons for unacceptability are still present.

Did you assess the situation differently in Eritrea today than a few years ago?

The situation in Eritrea has not fundamentally improved or changed. But there are individual developments. For example, it has been found that people who leave Eritrea illegally do not have to have a well-founded fear of persecution. So there are developments in some areas and there is a better knowledge of the situation in Eritrea, that is the result of the work of the last years.

The interview was conducted by Nicole Frank.

Turnaround in asylum policy-Sommaruga wants to send back thousands of Eritreans

Author:Georg Humbel

Today, 16:58Updated at 19:02

the essentials in brief

  • Up to 3200 Eritreans should lose their provisional admission. The return to Eritrea is "reasonable", writes the State Secretariat for Migration (SEM) the person concerned.
  • Justice Minister Simonetta Sommaruga is thus turning around.
  • The commoners welcome the "paradigm shift", leftists are appalled.

The first letters have already been sent: The return to Eritrea is "reasonable" for them, writes the State Secretariat for Migration (SEM) of an Eritrean woman, who has been living in Switzerland since 2015. And further: "The SEM therefore intends to suspend its provisional admission and order the execution of the removal order," said the authority. For the affected Eritreerin the letter is a shock. She was prepared for a life in Switzerland. As research by the "Rundschau" shows, it is not an isolated case.

Big review of the federal government

The federal government is obliged to review provisional recordings regularly, the SEM told the "Rundschau": "Currently we are about to check about 3200 preliminary images of Eritreans," says spokesman Martin Reichlin.

The Authority justifies the selection and the number of dossiers with the Federal Administrative Court ruling of last summer. The court had designated expulsions to Eritrea as fundamentally "reasonable". The SEM emphasizes that the persons concerned have the right to be heard. Every case will be checked individually.

Sommaruga's U-turn

In 2015, Federal Councilor Simonetta Sommaruga had tinted quite differently: "It is unthinkable that Switzerland sends people back to a state of arbitrariness," said the Federal Councilor at that time.

It vehemently defended Switzerland's policy of provisionally accepting and providing protection for almost all asylum-seeking Eritreans for humanitarian reasons.

This is a paradigm shift, a milestone.
Author:Gerhard PfisterPresident CVP

"Ms. Sommaruga is overtaken by history. This blank check for the Eritreans was not tenable, "said FDP National Christian Falls Christian to the review of the SEM. "This is a paradigm shift, a milestone. To this day, people have always said they can not send anyone back, "says CVP President Gerhard Pfister, welcoming the harsher pace of Eritreans.

Criticism from their own ranks

Quite differently SP national councilor Yvonne Feri assesses the facts: "I am very shocked by this letter and the high number of victims. Eritrea will continue dictatorial. There is no constitution », said the Aargau SP National Councilor. The decision was therefore "incomprehensible" for them.

She has no information about "substantial improvements" in the East African country. In addition, they are people who have been living here for years and want to integrate in Switzerland.

I'm not going back to Eritrea for sure. Rather, I live as illegals and sleep at the station.

But at the moment Switzerland can not force anyone to return to Eritrea. There is no readmission agreement with the East African country. Voluntarily, few will return.

"I'm not going back to Eritrea for sure. Rather, I live as illegals and sleep at the train station, »said a concerned Eritrean woman in the« Rundschau ». That's exactly what the fears of Yvonne Feri are. That many go underground or fall into emergency aid and stay in Switzerland without any prospects.

Commoners are demanding a message in Eritrea

Christian Wasserfallen also acknowledges that forcibly repatriations are currently not possible. "Ideal would be a migration partnership or a readmission agreement with Eritrea," said FDP National Council water traps. But that is currently unrealistic. For him, "no way around it" means that Switzerland is now opening a message in Eritrea and intensifying its contact with Eritrea. CVP President Gerhard Pfister emphasizes the importance of return assistance.

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