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( Public Prosecution Service demands a long prison sentence for rape in a living facility for permit holders in Nieuwegein

Posted by: Semere Asmelash

Date: Monday, 23 April 2018

Updated: 23-04-2018 14:32

OM demands a long prison sentence for rape in AZC

OM demands a long prison sentence for rape in AZC
Photo: Archive EHF / photo for illustration
Utrecht / Nieuwegein

On Monday, the Public Prosecution Service for the court of the Central Netherlands against a 31-year-old man from Eritrea demanded a prison sentence of 48 months for rape of a housemate in the temporary housing facility for permit holders in Nieuwegein.

Contact ban

"The public prosecutor also asked for a contact ban and assignment of the claim of the woman. He saw only aggravating circumstances, 'the Public Prosecutor said on Monday.


On October 31, 2017, the suspect asked the woman, whom he had known for two years from various AZCs, to come to him to discuss something. Once inside, he locked the door, grabbed her phone, attacked her, showed her a knife, and raped her orally and with his fingers. On the basis of the injury recorded, various statements from witnesses and the substantiation for its own statement, the public prosecutor finds the fact proven. 


He dwelt on the seriousness of the fact for a long time and spoke of an extremely anxious and humiliating experience. As aggravating circumstances he mentioned the violence that had been used, the abuse of trust, the deprivation of liberty, the taking away of the telephone, the unexpected attack, the serious psychological consequences, and the fact that he did not use a condom. 


He did not care about her arguments: that she had been raped before and that he would soon be reunited with his family. The suspect also abused the fact that she is a woman alone. That he later told that she would be a prostitute, called the officer "a step after".


The victim pointed out the consequences in the victim statement that was submitted by her lawyer. Initially she was pressured by the Eritrean community not to file a report. That would be betrayal. She decided to file a complaint because "this is not allowed to happen to women and girls with impunity". The result was that she was bullied and threatened and expelled from the Eritrean community. "Everyone is pressured not to have contact with me and I will be punished twice". She is still anxious, sleeps badly and no longer dares to trust anyone. She now lives at a secret address.

The public prosecutor thought that the woman should be protected for a long time against this man and, in view of all the aggravating circumstances, demanded a 48-month prison sentence higher than the 36-month directive. He also asked for a contact ban for a period of five years and he felt that the claim should be fully allocated. The court will rule in two weeks.

OM demands a long prison sentence for rape in AZC
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