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(Giornaleditalia) The African dream of Eritrea

Posted by: Semere Asmelash

Date: Friday, 11 May 2018


11/05/2018 08:54

The African dream of Eritrea

Alessandro Pellegatta's new book presented in Bari: a journey to discover an ancient country full of wonders 

The African dream of Eritrea

As part of the events promoted and organized by the Consulate of the State of Eritrea in collaboration with the Laterza Library of Bari, on Saturday morning the book "Eritrea. End and rebirth of an African dream "(Besa editions). A volume that accompanies the reader on a journey to discover an ancient country along a fascinating journey that crosses the "Pearl of the Red Sea" Massawa, passing through the Asmara Capital (UNESCO heritage since July 2017) and the wonders of Adulis, the cities aksumite placed near the ancient caravan routes, the unique sea of ​​the Dahalak islands and the multicultural architecture that the ancient wisdom of the Eritrean people has managed to preserve in full harmony between past and present.

Alessandro Pellegatta, Eritrea, end and rebirth of an African dream

" Mareb Mellash , ie country on the side of the Mareb: this was called Eritrea in the early years of Italian colonial expansionism. The new journey by Alessandro Pellegatta - reads the book presentation - takes us to these places, in an ancient and little known country that today seeks to carry out its own independent development project, as an alternative to the old and new Western capitalisms which represent a real and looming threat to the cultural identity and economic resources of these peoples. The West seems to have completely forgotten about Eritrea and its history, closely intertwined with the history of the Italian colonial adventure and our geographical explorations in the land of Africa. It follows that the spectacle of the rocks, the archaeological ruins, the majestic baobabs and the sycamores, the atmosphere of aharsh and beautiful poverty (as Curzio Malaparte wrote), all that most characterizes this land crossed by marine and terrestrial traffic that over the centuries have brought Europe, the Arabian Peninsula, Asia and India together, remains outside the imagination of Western men. In the pages of this narrative report, the author guides you on a journey that feeds on charm, mystery and curiosity. A journey in which the watchword is to discover new worlds and new ways of seeing reality, freeing oneself of the convictions that imprison the gaze ".

During the meeting, the honorary Consul of Eritrea in Bari, Francesco Paolo Bello and the Ambassador of the State of Eritrea in Italy Petros Fessehazion talked with the author, Alessandro Pellegatta. "Eritrea enters your heart at the first glance and there it stays when you begin to discover its landscapes, its history, the uniqueness of its people", commented the console Bello. He added: "This book is a valuable contribution to the knowledge of a country that preserves precious and intangible treasures of great value. It is no coincidence that Unesco has decided to award the City of Asmara with the prestigious recognition of World Heritageand a little further away is the hidden beauty of Adulis, thanks also to the collaboration with the Milan Polytechnic. Both essential elements to consider Eritrea a tourist destination of all respect. In addition - concludes Bello - I am particularly happy to present the work of Pellegatta in Bari, together with Ambassador Petros Fessehazion, to further consolidate the link between Bari, Puglia, and Eritrea ".

The words of Ambassador Fessehazion, who in his speech reminded how his land is linked to Italy, because "the Italians know Eritrea better than the Eritreans themselves and by virtue of this particular bond that unites us both from a historical and cultural point of view, Italy could act as a bridge between the countries of the Horn of Africa and continental and institutional Europe, to encourage investment and prevent the neo-colonial exploitation of expanding China ". And again: "Self-sufficiency and resilience are the qualities that characterize the Eritrean people. Our economy is based on the principle of autarky and, for this reason, we are an example for many countries in Africa. But this is not well seen by states that would like to control the world: despite the UN Security Council "Monitoring Group", active in Somalia and Eritrea, has not found conclusive evidence on the alleged Eritrean support to the Al-Shabaab terrorist cell, sanctions against Asmara, strongly desired by the United States since 2009 , have been renewed. But the questions on their effectiveness in a developing country - the Ambassador concludes - remain open ".

The event ended with a warning from the author, who invited the public to visit the places told in his book at least once: "there are places that remain inside you, where time seems to have stopped. A mystical experience lived through different styles that meet in an unparalleled intercultural and peaceful coexistence. Just as Italian buildings of the futuristic myth are combined with those of the Eastern tradition, the various religious confessions coexist in the normality of the people. In Eritrea, however, there are our roots - said Pellegatta - and we can not afford to disperse such a heritage ".

Maria Giovanna Depalma

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Il sogno africano dell'Eritrea - giornaleditalia

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