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Eritrea for mobile viewing President Isaias’ speech in connection with the 27th Independence Day anniversary

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Date: Thursday, 24 May 2018

Asmara, 24 May 2018- In a speech he delivered in connection with the 27th Independence Day anniversary, President Isaias Afwerki congratulating the Eritrean people inside the country and abroad said that the establishment of an independent nation, a nation that is economically prosperous; that progresses constantly to a higher level of development; that is endowed with stability and security; that thrives in a neighborhood of mutual respect and cooperation- is not predicated on sheer and subjective, political good will, alone and that entails a robust heritage rooted in precious sacrifices.

President Isaias went on to say that the vision and sacrosanct national right of the Eritrean people for liberation was not bestowed to as a gift or favor on a silver platter.  It was achieved after 50 long years of arduous toil and unparalleled sacrifices.

President Isaias underlined that although the influence of global and regional developments in the national development is recognized, the principal and determinant factor is nonetheless the domestic reality and its robustness.

Regarding the priority programs, President Isaias pointed out that due focus will be given to building the necessary water infrastructure in order to ensure optimal utilization of water, land and climate resources and endowments with the ultimate aim of increasing agricultural production through the introduction of technology;  developing the marine resources in order to increase the domestic productive capacity; funneling investment in the energy sector including thermal, solar, wind and other modalities of alternative energy; construction of roads, ports, airports as well as housing projects; increasing public transport both in quality and quantity;  restructuring the ongoing fiscal and monetary system through more robust and qualitative administrative and managerial inputs; enhancing effective and efficient administrative competences; increase integrated investment in educational system – in terms of curriculum and supportive instruments; review the already charted-out programs and plans of action to encourage and ensure the participation and contribution of all Eritreans who reside abroad in all the national developmental programs.

President Isaias also expressed gratitude to all those who have worked hard to organize and embellish this auspicious event.

Speaking at the event, Ambassador Zemede Tekle, Commissioner of Culture and Sports, commended the participation of all institutions for their contribution in realizing the colorful event.

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