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A timely tune by legend Haile Gebru “Nesemama’e” Reincarnated by Layne Tadesse.

Posted by: Michael Seium

Date: Tuesday, 10 July 2018

A timely tune by legend Haile Gebru “Nesemama’e” Reincarnated by Layne Tadesse.

     Eritrea has always been blessed with great singers and musical artists. Throughout the 60s and 70s, Eritrean artists came up with hits after hits that uplifted the population and in some cases gave out subliminal messages that aroused the young generations to leave their city lives and join the Eritrean struggle for independence in the trenches. Many have left us and some of that generation’s era artists remain with us today. No matter what though the legacy of the great songs produced during that time still is being reproduced.


As most of us are aware legendary artist Haile Gebru has come up with a lot of great songs. One of his songs “Nsemama’e” translated “let us get along” was a huge hit and can be played by anyone at any time. It is a song about peace, love and getting along with all those who share the same sentiments as yourself.


Layne Tadesse who recently came back from Eritrea has repackaged the song for the new generation with the blessing of the legend himself Haile Gebru. He modified the song by simply using updated sounds and added an English portion by translating the highlights of the song. “We need love, we need love, we need love” he goes on to sing as the fast beat of the song is electrified in the backdrop creating a happy vibe to the listener.


It is my pleasure to once again share a great tune by Layne Tadesse a remake of “Nesemama’e” on sound cloud for your listening pleasure. During this time of peace among the neighborly countries of Eritrea and Ethiopia, this particular song comes in handy. Meanwhile, Layne Tadesse has informed us that a new video release will be coming out soon for this song. Produced in Eritrea by some of the finest young video producers, Layne has assured us that the video will be a great way to introduce the Eritrean passion for peace, love, and coexistence as neighbors with all of our regional family. “Africa needs love” he goes on to add.


Haile Gebru and his colleagues must be proud to know that their legacy continues. This should also encourage others to produce historic songs similar to this and have them continue on to the future generation.


Link to the sound cloud connection:



Michael Seium

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