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How on earth could we be one people/population!

Posted by: Berhane Kidane

Date: Friday, 20 July 2018

Dear dehairs!
I know that my article will not appear in your Web because it will not comply with your
centralized governance.Nevertheless I would like to make you know my hatred to the
peace that was signed between our Eritrea and Ethiopians last three weeks.I hate the
Asmara people that turned out to welcome the delagation of Ethiopia's many governments
and hail their No! peace,No! War..obstinacy.
I don't want to see any Ethiopian because I'm neither one of the same people/population
or HADE HIZBI as President Isayas says nor am I Amharai or Tigraway.I have my own
Identity and Nation,Eritrea,that never has had any geographical or political ties wih them.
That was why I had worked for its Independence eversince the 1961 War broke out.
Leaving aside Hailesilase and both Hailemarims Amhara,the Government Of Abai Tigray
should pay one hundred billion Dollars compensation and only afterwards can be decided
whether  they will be granted to use our Ports or not.
Moreover! why do we need to sign agreements regarding our BADME if we are HADE HIZBI?
Or could we not be able to wipe the Tigray government out of our Badme?
President Isayas is trying to put the Clock back.........................
If we were Hade Hizbi why did we go under lots of sufferings in the past 70 years?
Why do we need to praise Warsay-Yikealos heroic Eritreans?
Why do the youth have to join up the National Services?
I think it is needless to talk over our past sufferings;we need to hail the Government Of Abay
Tigray instead.I myself have nothing to do with the relatives of Tegaru Asmarayans.
God bless the HADE HIZBI that have never ever been!!
Yours sincerely Berhane Kidane Tübingen
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