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Eritrea for mobile viewing How come killing people has become so easy and so routine in Ethiopia?

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Date: Sunday, 28 October 2018

Mahmud Saleh

How come killing people has become so easy and so routine in Ethiopia? I would prefer the security for life to shoddy democracy, one propagated without first building democratic minds and appropriate basic tenets to practice it.

We Eritreans better press for the demarcation of the border before any eventualities take place in Ethiopia. Ethiopia is moving through a dangerously turbulent time. It is increasingly becoming a potential ticking time bomb.

Those who are quick to apply the descriptive phrase- failed state- to ERITREA better watch for the giant country to the south. Ethiopia is showing all the indications for a failed state including rivalry among peripheral states and tensions between the states and the federal government, civil unrest, the loss of law and order, etc.

Though peace between Ethiopia and Eritrea is vital, it should not be at the expense of Eritrea. Eritrea paid a hefty price in the early nineties of the past century when the then provisional government of Eritrea gave priority to the stabilization of the TPLF in assuming the control of Ethiopian. That investment did not pay off. It actually backfired and made us pay dearly. And now, we see the stabilization of PM Abiy's government taking primacy to the immediate needs of Eritrea. Are we to witness history repeating itself?

There are several flashpoints gathering strength in Ethiopia: Tigray region continually moving away from the center; growing Oromo nationalism, and widening cracks between the three historically rival communities, Tigray, Amara and Oromo. Who is Eritrea dealing with?

Is there a central authority that could carry out the agreements signed between Eritrea and Ethiopia, for example, the border demarcation? Is Dr. Abiy Ahmed really in control of the armed forces? Can he order the Ethiopian army to withdraw from Eritrean-ruled territories in the event both countries move on to demarcate the border?

Hello Adi-Hallo!! We need an answer.

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