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(ViaggiareNews) New Year in Eritrea, between Italian architecture and wild islands

Posted by: Semere Asmelash

Date: Monday, 05 November 2018

New Year in Eritrea, between Italian architecture and wild islands

New Year in Eritrea, between Italian architecture and wild islands

The magic of welcoming the new year in a country with traditions deeply linked to our colonial period. I Viaggi di Maurizio Levi proposes a journey from the renovated itinerary, which allows you to enjoy more of the overnight stays on the wild Dahlak Islands, thanks to the mobile tented camp with large igloo tents, equipped with field beds.

Visiting Eritrea is a truly engaging experience, especially for us Italians, in a country with traditions so strongly linked to our colonial period. The city of Asmara , called " the little Rome ", with its atmosphere as an Italian colonial town of the fascist era and with a unique architectural style stopped at the '30s , offers vivid brackets of Italianness: the Cinema Impero , the Caffè Roma , the Fiat Tagliero dealership and many inhabitants who still speak our language. Due to these peculiar characteristics, in 2017 Asmara has been declared UNESCO heritage .

Keren, the Monday market . Although today it is the third largest city in Eritrea, after Asmara and Massawa, Keren still breathesa cozy, intimate atmosphere. Also for this reason it is considered one of the most beautiful and fascinating cities of Eritrea . Monday is an important market day in Keren. This weekly appointment is a kaleidoscope of people, stories and different situations and is set in a different context than what has been observed so far; there is a more Middle Eastern and African air , with many men wearing the turban and bargaining like in a real souk .A multitude of people from the mountains and surrounding villages gather between dozens and dozens of camels, loaded with bundles of firewood, hoping to get some good deals.
Massawa, timeless charm. A city whose current charm has been influenced in the past centuries by Portuguese, Arab, Turkish, Egyptian, English, Italian and, above all, by the Eritreans themselves. Built on two islands, Taulud and Massawa , they are connected to the mainland by bridges. On the island of Massawa is located the oldest part of the city, which has ancient coral buildings and arches that reflect the Turkish influence , as well as the ancient mosques . The Italian occupation ofMassawa took place peacefully on February 5, 1885, by a shipping corps of 1500 Bersaglieri. Since then Massawahas had a very troubled life: from the most important port of the African Red Sea coast, to the dark years of the bombing during the war with Ethiopia, to finally begin again in the last few years a slow ascent towards peace and development .
New Year in Eritrea, between Italian architecture and wild islands

Dahlak, wild islands. The Dahlak Islands, between the desert of the Arabian peninsula to the east and the dancal one to the west, represent one of the last submerged paradises . Here lie coral reefs among the most beautiful and virgin in the world . The archipelago consists of over 200 islands and islets, many of which are uninhabited and nameless on nautical charts. Almost all of coral origin, they are generally made up of fossil coral planks. The smaller islands, like Durgella and Durgam , are nothing more than desert strips emerging from the sea. The marine life is the best that can be expected from these tropical seas.Isolated from tourism for over thirty years, due to the Eritrean war of independence that ended in 1992, the Dahlak are still very little known, due to the lack of adequate hotel, tourist and sport facilities ( diving ). A real paradise, to be discovered.

Detailed program: Italian architectures and Dahlak islands 
Starting date: 27 December, 11 days
Price: from € 3.280

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