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(ACI Stampa) Cardinal Sandri at the exhibition on Adulis ,Eritrea

Posted by: Semere Asmelash

Date: Wednesday, 07 November 2018

Cardinal Sandri at the exhibition on Adulis ,Eritrea; the exploitation of those peoples ceases

The celebration of Mass 
Photo: Aci Stampa

VATICAN CITY, November 6, 2018 / 2:00 PM ( ACI Stampa ) .- 

"A way of giving voice to a country and its glorious past today's Eritrea that today goes rather in the newspapers for the interminable exodus of its young sons and daughters, many of whom find death along the desert road or in the Mediterranean Sea ".

So Cardinal Leonardo Sandri commented on the exhibition that the Pontifical Institute of Christian Archeology inaugurated at the beginning of the Academic Year on 5 November

The exhibition concerns the city of Adulis, today in a non-inhabited area of ​​Eritrea, where Piac collaborates in a major excavation project in collaboration with other   international university institutions .

At the beginning of the academic year the Cardinal Prefect of the Congregation of Eastern Churches celebrated Mass at Santa Prassede. Cardinal Francesco Coccopalmerio and the Eritrean Ambassador at the Quirinale participated in the inauguration of the exhibition .

In his homily, the Prefect said that "no one should be afraid of culture, no one should fear the rediscovery of the treasures of their own history. Adulis bears witness to a city open to the sea, made rich and shining by the circulation of goods and people, in its vocation to be a port that faces the East but is also connected with the caravan routes coming from the Mediterranean. The identity of this city is a prophecy on the present, because those lands return to be able to shine with light, and cease the grabs of resources, military bases on the Red Sea by various regional and international powers, or that at least this happens favoring the growth of the people and not perpetuating its difficulty.

We are sure that the Spirit of the Risen Lord will be able to accompany the steps of your research, which continue the activities initiated by the Castiglioni brothers, enlighten the rulers and the people so that a civilization of justice and peace may flourish again ".

 The essentially photographic exhibition will be staged at the  Pontifical Institute of Christian Archeology until December and can be visited during the opening hours of the PIAC.

Last Sunday, November 4, the feast of San Carlo the cardinal had celebrated the votive Mass for San Carlo as the proprietor of the saints Biagio and Carlo ai Catinari.

After the earthquake that struck central Italy, the parish church was closed to worship and visits, waiting for the competent civil authorities to complete the restoration and consolidation of the dome. From this year, by decision of the Vicariate of Rome, the parish community is a guest at the nearby rectory of Santa Barbara, belonging to the parish territory.

The cardinal in his homily recalled a parable from the Synod of the bishops just ended: listening. " We could not celebrate our patron Borromeo today- he said- if in the time of his youth he had not met exemplary witnesses of Christian life and of a sincere journey of 

of reform of the Church".

The inauguration of the exhibition on Adulis 
Photo: Aci Stampa
A moment of the visit of Cardinal Sandri to Piac 
Photo: CCO

Il cardinale Sandri alla mostra su Adulis in Eritrea; cessi lo ...

ACI Stampa

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