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(LiveSicilia) The extradited Eritrean says "Beaten and robbed by Sudanese"

Posted by: Semere Asmelash

Date: Thursday, 18 April 2019



The extradited Eritrean says 
"Beaten and robbed by Sudanese"

Wednesday 17 April 2019 - 13:57

Mered Tasmafarian Behre, Mohamed Elnour Abdelrahman, Eritrean process extradited to Palermo, Chronicle

The depositions of the man accused of being a male trafficker and a Sudanese policeman.

PALERMO - "The Sudanese policemen beat me, stole my ID and stole some money. Before arriving in Sudan I had been in a refugee camp in Ethiopia. In prison they chained me." It is the dramatic tale of the Eritrean under trial in Palermo on charges of being the head of an organization that manages the smuggling of migrants. The defendant, who made spontaneous statements, claims to be the victim of a personal error, to call himself Mered Tasmafarian Behre and not Mered Medhanie Yedhego, as the prosecutors claim. The Eritrean spoke after the deposition of two Sudanese officials who arrested him on an international arrest warrant in the Palermo investigation. 

The Sudanese police officer Mohamed Elnour Abdelrahman was also in court, deposing the trial of the Eritrean accused in Palermo of being part of a gang of migrant traffickers. "Originally we were looking for a trafficker. The Nacional Crime Agency in England had made us have a picture of a person with a big crucifix around his neck. But no one in Karthoum knew him. A week before the arrest, an official gave me another photo and a phone number to locate. The person I arrested is the one shot in the shot and is here accused. When we located him, - added the witness - to Karthoum and we showed him the photo he admitted to being the subject immortalized " . The defendant defends himself by claiming to be the victim of a personal error and not being Mered Yedego Medhane, the man accused by the prosecutors, but of calling himself Mered Tasmafarian Behre and being a carpenter. 


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