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Eritrean Martyrs’ Day in San Diego

Posted by: Isaac Tekle

Date: Wednesday, 26 June 2019

Hello admin,

I woulike to post the following message and photos from San Diego's meeting for Eritrean Martyrs Day. The photos are attached to this email.

"On commemorating of our martyrs’ day, the Eritreans community living in San Diego its environs come in a large number to candle vigil observance our fallen heroes on 06/20/2019. These Eritreans came to honor to uphold the courageous of heroic legacy. They have sent strong messages the light which button passed will be carried forever and will be brighter than ever. Parents, young men and women, and children attended this commemorating event. This year like other past years we contributed and pledged to help the fallen heroes’ families, and it is our sheer responsibility. We have great honor and respect for those who paid the ultimate sacrifices with no kind of mental hesitancies, those who gave us our freedom and liberty memories treasured and cherish in every Eritrean soul’s.
 Long live the memory of our fallen heroes, everlasting glory to our martyrs."

Thank you. 


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