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Posted by: Yared Tesfay

Date: Monday, 01 July 2019

The Eritrean Festival 2019 in the UK will be conducted from July 20-21, 2019 at Harrow Leisure Centre, 186 Christ Church Ave, HA3 5BD in London. 

The Festival is an important occasion for harmony, consolidation of Eritrean unity, strengthen the Eritrean culture and identity promoting higher mobilisation and organisation developing Eritrean capacity and ingenuity and finally for recreation.

Opening Ceremony 

20th July @ 13:00


Inauguration of Photographic Exhibition, 

Seminar by High Delegation of the Government of Eritrea, 

Women Forum ' The Role of Eritrea Women' &  Seminar by President of NUEW 

Professional Forum & Guest Speaker from Eritrea

Shingrwa Academy 2019

Fashion Show


Communities & Associations Bazaar

Music;- Wedi Zager, Selali'A, Elsa Kidane, Fortuna Ghirmay, Million, Sudan & Ethiopian Cultural Artist

Children & Family Program

Youth & Innovation

Business Shops


Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, Newcastle, Coventry, Nottingham, London West, London North, London South, London East, communities are participating in the festival with programs depicting their respective regional resources portraying their products, national and social activities.

The  Eritrean UK Festival 2019 take at a time of a great historical cultural significant to Eritreans. 

Promise to be an unforgettable must see event for all.

Festival Task Force



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