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Erixpress Media: Eritrea - Interview With Dr. Samson Abay

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Date: Thursday, 16 January 2020

Dr. Samson speaks about the heinous crimes perpetrated against innocen Eritreans by the Warlords of former fascist Regime of TPLF Gangs!


Dr. Samson Abay, one of a brilliant/smart and capable ever Medical Doctors of Eritrea, a highly dedicated specialist in his capacity as a head of Mendefera's Fistula Referal Hospital brought down the female deases to the minimum, speaks out about the heinuos [cruel] crimes of the Warlords of Tigray perpetrated against innocent Eritreans [1998-2000] by the former fascist TPLF Regime in Ethiopia…

…Listen him carefuly and learn a lot of facts of historical recent past!!!

Thank you, Erixpress Media!!!



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