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EmbassyMedia - TPLF mouth piece TMH admits, Stealing & Killing by Tigray Criminals in Mekele!

Posted by: Yared Tesfay

Date: Sunday, 21 February 2021

At this time there are a large number of criminal elements operating in the city of Mekele.
When news broke out that the Ethiopian army was making its way to Mekele, the Tigray regional police forces and the prison forces disbanded abandoning their posts. As a result of this the prison doors were left open and all the hard core criminals escaped into the community. It is believed that these criminals are now operating in the city and in particular the rural areas especially the remote ones. These criminals are known to harass the people, be involved in violent robberies, and commit murder. At this time the most shocking thing and sad thing is that in Tigray, Tigrayans are stealing from their fellow Tigrayans, Tigrayans are been killed by their fellow Tigrayans. At the time when the entire world is against us, it is disheartening to see such things happen between us. Its extremely sad to see the Tigrayan youth engaged in large numbers in such activities. Everyone is sad at this situation and the entire community is disheartened. The information that is coming out of Makele is that when you want to catch a taxi, the safest thing to do is board at the taxi ranks. This is because the taxis or minibuses on the ranks are well known and their particulars is registered, therefore even if a crime is committed in these vehicles they can be traced. What is happening is that rogue taxis and minibuses are carrying gangs of criminals masquerading as passengers and when people stop them en-route they think that they are passengers and board these vehicles. Once these innocent travels are in the vehicle they are taken hostage by the gang and taken to a remote area, they are then robbed of all their possession. They will have all their money taken, their mobile phone taken and anything of value taken from them before they are dumped somewhere. If the person is lucky his life will be spared. EmbassyMedia - TPLF mouth piece TMH admits, Stealing & Killing by Tigray Criminals in Mekele!

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