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VIDEO - S.E.D.C. Students’ Educational and Discovery Centre Tigrinya version

Posted by: Yared Tesfay

Date: Friday, 13 August 2021

Students’ Educational and Discovery Centre

The Educational and Discovery centre setup by the Eritrean Ministry of Education in the grounds of the Expo exhibition centre in Asmara, is a pilot project which aims to open up new opportunities to young Eritreans by providing extracurricular activities which are intended  to familiarise the young students with modern technology and help to develop their innovation skills. 

EmbassyMedia - S.E.D.C. Student's Educational & Discovery Centre

Eritrea Ambassador to United Kingdom & Ireland H.E. Estifanos Habtemariam visit S.E.D.C. in 2021 to see and understand the objectives of the centre. p

The Centre was set up with the following objectives in mind;

-       To work towards the success of Eritrean students

-       To familiarise Eritrean students with new technology and enhance their skills

-       To lay the foundation to develop Eritrean; Engineers, Innovators and Scientists

-       To create an environment where Eritrean students can develop new ideas and products

-       To give young Eritreans a helping hand with their education

Though this Centre was a venture that had been initiated by the Ministry of Education, there is no doubt that its future success depends on the continued support of Eritrean citizens across the globe.

We therefore take this opportunity to ask for your support in further developing the Students’ Educational and Discovery Centre and establishing similar schemes across the Country.

Those who wish to be part of this journey and want to help, can do so by donating;

1)    Material for the Centre’s library which can be used by all age groups. Items like, books, soft ware, reference material for the students and any other similar items

2)    Items which can be used in the digital library of the Centre. Items like learning materials which are in the PDF format, video lectures, documentaries or entertaining films etc

3)    Models or props that can be used to teach general subjects like Science, Mathematics, Geography, Languages etc

4)    Items that can be used to teach technology, items like educational robots and their accessories, tutorials (video lectures), computers or tablets ( including pre-owned)

5)    Children’s games: either board games, computer games, video games etc

6)    Parents who have educational CDs and DVDs which their children have grown out of, are welcome to donate these to the Centre.

7)    Professional Eritreans, especially those in ICT, who are travelling to Eritrea and wish to volunteer some of their time to the Centre, are encouraged to contact the Embassy before they travel to get more information about co-ordinating their effort.

8)    Anyone who is interested in donating the above items and wants to take the items when they next travel to Eritrea, can contact the Embassy to get further information.

Embassy of the State of Eritrea to United Kingdom & Ireland
London 13th August 2021

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