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Report & PIctures 'Jubilee Diamond 60th Anniversary' was held in London UK

Posted by: Yared Tesfay

Date: Sunday, 05 September 2021

Jubilee Diamond 60th Anniversary was held in London UK

1st September as being all about in­spiration. It is a day that reiterates the importance of closely holding onto and protecting your dreams, hopes, and aspirations and persevering in the face of adversity. It reminds us to be brave and remain undaunted, even when confronted by the great tasks and obstacles we are faced with as a nation.

On Saturday 4th of September 2021, Eritrean Ambassador of the state of Eritrea to the UK and Ireland H.E. Estifanos Habtemariam delivered an insightful presentation to Eritrean community members.

In connection with the 60 Diamond Jubilee Anniversary, Ambassador Estifanos Habtemariam, presented the paramount importance of ensuring popular awareness, strong organization, steadfastness and spirit of sacrifice in the nation-building process, as attested to by the armed struggle and the subsequent experience acquired in the post-independence period. He further stressed the need for putting up sustained endeavors so as to guarantee the success of the popular struggle towards building a strong nation in which prosperity and social justice prevail.

On the occasion of the diamond Jubilee celebration, historical pictorial screen exhibition was held about the struggle for independence, participants came to understand that it is not the number that matters, but the strong will and the set mind that determines the end result. Eritreans had enough suffering at the hands of successive colonizers and were determined to root out colonialism and subjugation in order to decide their own destiny and future. And that became true on May 24, 1991.

Today it is 60 years since the beginning of the armed struggle for independence. When we celebrate the Diamond Jubille 60 years of the beginning of the armed struggle for independence it is with mind that the history of the Eritrean Revolution amply proved that a popular struggle for a just cause based on conscious, united and organized people is bound to triumph over a heavily armed colonial entity enjoying the support of the major powers. And determined that we build a new history out of past history so as to make use of our history as source of valuable lesson and wisdom, and thereby ensure the continuity and viability of history.

The Chairman of British Eritrean Communities Organisation Network (BECON), Mr Ahmed Mahmoud, outlined Eritrea’s future is guaranteed because of the internal strengths that has been created together with strong organisations, and all of the policies of the Government of Eritrea come to the basics and embeds strong organisation. To this regard the concept of development has to be always linked to meaningful organisation. 

Cultural Performance and poems were part of the beautiful 60th Diamond Jubilee in London. 

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London 5th September 2021

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