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Murder trial in Görlitz -

Posted by: Semere Asmelash

Date: Wednesday, 13 October 2021

Murder trial in Görlitz - 

Did this man choke a 24-year-old?


Görlitz - she was popular, ambitious, independent. The Eritrean Freweuni G. († 24) wanted to become a geriatric nurse and was seen as a good example of integration.

But at the beginning of December 2020, the devout Christian was brutally killed in her apartment on Görlitzer Pontestrasse.

The  alleged murderer: Tesfetzgi T., a compatriot. Since Monday the murder trial has been made before the Görlitz district court. He is silent about it and gives only 2000 as the year of his birth. The embassy reports from 1998.

According to the indictment, the Eritrean is said to have suffocated and raped. For this, the perpetrator should, among other things. have used a pillow. "He pressed this on the victim's nose and mouth," the prosecution. After his act, he is said to have carried her body into the bedroom, dressed in new clothes and pulled a blanket over her entire body. He later withdrew 150 euros with her debit card.

Unbelievable: When her supervisor worried about "Fretta", her nickname, days later and drove to the apartment with a friend and a spare key, T. was waiting in front of the house. He followed them around the apartment. There it appeared “cold” and like a “shadow”.

A forensic doctor confirmed a "violent asphyxiation" and found "textile-like prints" on the victim's face.

The process continues.

Inline image

Victim Freweuni G. († 24)

Photo: private
Mordprozess am Landgericht Görlitz


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