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GREAT ERITREA - The Pride of 3 Generations!

Posted by: Yared Tesfay

Date: Monday, 21 March 2022

GREAT ERITREA - The Pride of 3 Generations!
In most countries of the world, even in the ones which boast they have “highly educated and developed people” it is perceived that political, media and diplomatic activities are reserved for the few, in fact for those who are thought to be the cream of the society. Most do not consider that the activity concerns the vast majority of the population. In Eritrea as a result of the culture that was fostered during the long years of struggle for independence, is different from this common perception. In Eritrea the initiative and performer of all political, media and diplomatic activities of the country is the vast population itself.The stance of the Eritrean People’s Front that says “Political awareness instilled in the masses changes into strong material force” and the political work and agitation that has been conducted in light of this belief has been fruitful in increasing the awareness and participation on national issues of the Eritrean people. The people of Eritrea, whenever there is propaganda or diplomatic smear campaign aimed at their government, they organise to give a sufficient reply. Even our enemies have gone on record to claim that each Eritrean is an Ambassador of his country. The complementary power for Eritrea, besides its truthful and just stance and firm and alert people, is the personal initiative, strong participation of its citizens on political, media and diplomatic activities. This political, media and diplomatic activity that has developed during the unique historical situation of the country has to be protected and further developed for it is an additional power where the country relies and is proud of.

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