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The 26th Ljubljana Marathon Results

Posted by: Semere Asmelash

Date: Sunday, 23 October 2022

The winners are the Ethiopians Abraha and Yirga, the best Slovenians Rok Puhar and Katja Martinšek

National half-marathon champions Anja Fink and Domen Hafner  Sunday 23rd October 2022

In the capital, the fourth Sunday in October was marked by the biggest running and recreational event in the country. The 26th Ljubljana Marathon took place from the morning, the 21-km half-marathon also counted as a DP. Ethiopian Gebretsadik Abraha won the marathon (2:06:09).

Gebretsadik Abraha (left) on his way to victory.  Photo: www.alesfevzer.comGebretsadik Abraha (left) on his way to victory. Photo:

30-year-old Abraha ran to the finish line alone, at the end of the run he had a very good rhythm and other runners could not follow him. The second place was taken by Eritrean Tesfay Ghebreab (2:07:12), and the third by Kenyan Langat Leonard (2:08:05).

The best Slovenian was Rok Puhar in sixth place (2:20:49), Simon Navodnik (2:26:56) crossed the finish line one place behind him. The third place in the DP was taken by the ninth Matic Modic (2:36:52).

So far, the fastest Ethiopian in Ljubljana was Sisay Lemma Kasaye in 2018 (2:04:58).

Abraha winner at the finish line.  Photo: www.alesfevzer.comAbraha winner at the finish line. Photo:

Gebretsadik said after the match that he was very well prepared and planned to play in South Africa. Since he did not get a visa, he decided to come to Ljubljana. He followed the pace runner until the 30th kilometer and was well on his way for the next five kilometers to run around 2:04 and break the marathon record, but then eased off a lot in the final stretch as he ran down the Vienna Road towards the finish.

"I didn't have any time expectations before the marathon, my wish was to enjoy myself and achieve a result, because I have not completed a marathon in Ljubljana until now. That's why I'm happy that I succeeded. The African runners went ahead, but I had my own race," said Puhar, who ran in the half-marathon group for the first half of the marathon.

The winners of the races at the 26th VW Ljubljana Marathon:

42 km:

1. Adihana Gebretsadik (Eti) 2:06:09
2. Henok Tesfay Ghebreab (Eri) 2:07:12
3. Leonard Langat (Ken) 2:08:05
4. Godan Abdel Gemeda (Eti) 2:08:54
5. Merhawi Weldemaryam Kesete (Eri) 2:10:37
6. Rok Puhar (Slo) 2:20:49
7. Simon Navodnik (Slo) 2:26:56
8. Žan Tošev (Mak) 2:32:01
9. Matic Modic (Slo) 2:36:52
10. Urban Lavrenčič (Slo) 2:38:30

Zmagovalca Etiopijca Abraha in Yirga, najboljša Slovenca Rok Puhar in Katja Martinšek

Ethiopian Adihana Gebretsadik won the 42 km race at the 26th Ljubljana Marathon with the second track achievement in the history of this competition - 2:06:09 hours. Among the women, the Ethiopian Siranesh Dagne Yirga celebrated the victory with a track record - 2:21:08.
Eritrean Henok Tesfay Ghebreab was second (2:07:12), and Kenyan Leonard Langat was third (2:08:05). In sixth place was the best Slovenian Rok Puhar (2:20:49).

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