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Veronica Almedom: the voice of youth and human rights who harmoniously combines business and sustainability

Posted by: Semere Asmelash

Date: Monday, 09 October 2023

Veronica Almedom: the voice of youth and human rights who harmoniously combines business and sustainability

  • October 9, 2023

Veronica Almedom: the voice of youth and human rights who harmoniously combines business and sustainability

Swiss democracy is recognized worldwide for its commitment to citizen participation and political representation.

It is in this spirit that Veronica Almedom, a respected figure in the Eritrean, Ethiopian and African communities in Switzerland, decided to run for the Swiss National Council. Her commitment to the defense of human rights and her dedication to youth engagement in politics and a more inclusive Swiss society make her an exceptional candidate.

Veronica Almedom, who came to Switzerland aged 6 months, is well known for her hard work within the Eritrean diaspora. With a cumulative professional experience of more than 8 years in the private sector, Veronica graduated from the University of Geneva and completed training in sustainable finance at the University of Zurich. 

At 34 years old, with a decade of political experience, she is 101% committed to her campaign in the Swiss federal elections this October 22, 2023 for a place in the National Council.

Green for a sustainable economy, Veronica advances in politics to combine business and sustainability in harmony. His leadership training at the Obama Foundation allowed him to sharpen his vision and skills with the aim of creating a strong link between ecology and the economy. She is determined to propose a policy of transversality, in which the dusty separation between right and left is no longer the rule.

She has been a strong voice for the rights of the Eritrean community in Switzerland , advocating for equal opportunities, integration and social justice. His candidacy for the National Council is an opportunity to strengthen Switzerland's fundamental values ​​while allowing young people and human rights to have authentic and determined representation at the highest political level. “ It is time to adopt a policy that reflects the aspirations and needs of current and future generations ,” says the Geneva Green candidate.

Veronica Almedom's candidacy is a source of pride for many Eritreans, Ethiopians and a whole generation of young people from immigrant backgrounds in Switzerland. It embodies the ideal of education, civic engagement, cultural diversity, human rights and inclusiveness, values ​​dear to Switzerland. 

A member of the Federal Migration Commission in Bern, she understands the challenges and aspirations of migrant communities in Switzerland, as evidenced by her commitments to the Eritrean community which she will strive to represent in a fair and balanced manner.

Veronica Almedom's candidacy is a unique opportunity for young people and human rights in Switzerland to be heard at a higher political level. By supporting his campaign, you are helping to give a voice to the Eritrean, Ethiopian and African community and to promote a more diverse and inclusive Switzerland.

Together, we can support Veronica Almedom in her quest for a prosperous and fairer Switzerland. Let's show solidarity and give our vote and support to Veronica through our community and circles of friends. Let's support a candidate who has demonstrated her commitment to our values ​​and aspirations.

To learn more about Veronica Almedom's candidacy for the Swiss National Council and provide your support, we invite you to visit her official website at

The ballots are already in your boxes for the federal elections of October 22, 2023. Veronica guides us on how to fill them out.

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