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Eritrean Biniam Girmay hero of “Black Bicycles Dreams” on Al Jazeera Documentary

Posted by: Semere Asmelash

Date: Tuesday, 09 July 2024

Al Jazeera Documentary has announced the screening of the film “Black Bicycles Dreams” on its screen soon. The film, which will continue its journey at international festivals during 2024, monitors Eritrean Biniam Girmay’s rise in the world of bicycle racing since he was 17 years old. He is 24 now.

The film follows Girmay's journey with his favourite sport, and his dream of participating in the most important global race, and perhaps winning it. The film also monitors Girmay's life in his home country Eritrea, where many athletes excelled in cycling around the world, but none of them were able to win in the Tour de France.

The film was produced by Time Escape, and Al Jazeera Documentary has been participating in its production since 2021. The film was selected to participate in the Dok.fest Munich and Belgian Docville festivals, as well as the MOVE Festival in the Netherlands.

“The Tour de France”, which began in 1903, is an annual cycling race that is held in several stages, most of which are located within the borders of France. It is the most prestigious and important race among the three major global cycling races. The only non-European riders who have ever won the race are from the US and Colombia, thus highlighting the importance of Girmay's achievement.

Girmay recently won the third stage in “The Tour de France,” becoming the first African winner in the history of the race, which began 121 years ago.

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