Date: Wednesday, 15 August 2018

መልእኽቲ ወለዲ ቤት ትምህ ጋይ:

ብሓፈሹ ኤርትራውያን ወለዲ ተቐማጦ ዊኒፐግ

ንሓሙስ ዕለት 16/08/2018   አብ ቤት ትምህርቲ ሓጋይ  567 BANATYNNE Sir Hugh Mcdonald    ሰዓት 06:00   ብክብሪ ተዓድምኰም አለ

መደብ ምዕጻውን ምዝዛምን ብዉግዒ ብተምሃሮ ወለዲ መምህራን ህዝብን ክካየድ ስለዝኾነ ኩላህና   ልክዕ ሷዓት 600 ..ብሰዓትና ክንረከብ ንላበወኩም ሓሙስ ዕለት 16/08/2018 መደብ ትምህርቲ ካብ ሰዓት 12 ክሳብ ሰዓት 0830   ስለዝኻነ  ነዚ መደብ ተዳሊናሉ ክንጸንሕ ነተሓሳስብ 


ሓሙስ ዕለት 16/08/2018 ባስ BUS ካብ ሰዓት 12 ስለዝጅምር ቆልዑ ተዳሊዮም ክጸንሑ ነተሓሳስብ  ንዝኾነ ሕቶ አብ  204 9986183 ትዕግስቲ/204 7944981 ላምብሮስ

2044716399 ሓበን     ደዊሌኩም ሕተቱና


እናሆ 7 ሰምን ከይኑ ደቅና ብሓባር ኮይኖም ዝእከብሉን ዠምሃሩሉን ዝዛነግዑሉን መደብ እንዳተካየደ ላን ፍቅርን ትን እፈፋጥርሎም አሎማዓረ ምስእውን ባህሎም ብየሉን መንነቶም ዘረጋግጹሉን ስነስርዓት ዝመሀሩሉን መደብ ክካየደ ሰለ ዝተካእለ እንቛዕ እሐጒሰና ክንብል ንደሊ:

ምዝገባ  ቀዳም ዓመታዊ ትምህርት ቋንቛን ባህልን September 2018 ጀሚሩ  ሰለዝኾነ ደቅና ንመዝግብናይ BUS (ምጕዓዚ) ፎርም ምልኡ

You are cordially invited to attend the :        
                                                                                        Closing Ceremony of  the Youth SUMMER LEARNING PROGRAM

                                                  The Eritrean Community site of  the Newcomer Youth Educational Support Services Coalition (NYESS )
                                                                                        on   the 16th of August 2018 at 07:00 pm

                                                                       Location:  GYM of Sir Hugh McDonald School  at 567 Bannatyne Avenue


          With  127 students registered in the program, 11 peer mentors , a coordinator and a  director of the program  the site served more that 70 newcomer families this summer . With daily bus transportation of  63 children, the program became more accessible to newcomer  youth and  facilitated the integration of  many vulnerable and at risk youth.

   The site provided regular summer learning program classes and  also support with academic   preparation for high school students in Math, English, Science. Heritage language, cultural dances, cultural food, sports and entertainment  is an integral part of the program. Three meals a day were provided with more than 750 warm meals  being served on a weekly basis.

         The Coordinator of the site Tigisti Asmerom, the Director of the Program Haben  Asgedom, the tutors Melake Habteab , Hermon Gidey , Sara Haile , Abraham Eyob , Habtom Meresi , Shewit Abraha , Reem Godafay,  Selam Haile, Helen Tafere, Selam Haile , Rodas Teklemichael and Yorusalem Berekheteab  together with the youth will present the work done  on different displays. A   power point presentation   will  present the day to day activities of the school, children and  youth. Cultural performances will follow.  

 Light supper with traditional Eritrean Dishes will be served.

     With the diligent work of  NYESS, the generous support of our funders, the  contribution of the members of the   and Eritrean Community in Winnipeg Inc. and hard work of   tens of volunteers, the program has succeeded in supporting  the education and integration of Newcomers youth in a community based , family oriented, youth program.

We are looking forward to see you on Thursday August 16th 2018 at 07:00 p.m


Eritrean Independence Day May 24 2020