In Memorial of Mr. Michael Freudenberg!

Posted by: Yared Tesfay

Date: Tuesday, 15 March 2022

In Memorial of Mr. Michael Freudenberg


In memorial of Comrade Michael Freudenberg, member of the Eritrean Scottish Friendship, who was a prominent and committed friend of Eritrea.  


He contributed greatly to the Eritrean cause, to which he had been contributing for the last 35 years. In the past several years, until his untimely death, Michael Freudenberg, a faithful Comrade and profound analyst of the Horn of Africa represented Eritrean Scottish Friendship in numerous conferences, events and international rallies.

People to People Diplomacy, Beyond Friendship! 

Historically, international relations between nations have been developed due to an array of needs and purposes, such as one more inclined to the growth of international business through trading or even for social benefits by bridging the gap between nations through cultural exchanges.

Amongst their many endeavours the Eritrean Scottish Friendship has managed to the lay the necessary groundwork that should one day carry it forward for generations to come. Just to name a few;

1.     The Eritrean Martyr’s Park in Scotland that was established in Campsie Glen, near Lennox town by the Eritrean Community in collaboration with Forestry Commission (Scotland) in March 2010 after a concerted effort since 2008.

2.     A seminar at the University of Edinburgh where Eritrean nation building process was discussed; and sent Scholars and Academics to work with educational institutions in Eritrea.

3. Participated in demonstrations in Geneva against the UN security council resolution 1907, and also launched a radio station in Scotland.

3.     The Eritrean Scottish Friendship held cultural exhibitions at Edinburgh festival.

4.     Organised by the Eritrean Scottish Friendship in association with Cross Party Group on International Development, the Ambassador of the state of Eritrea to the UK and Ireland was invited to address Scottish Members of Parliament on Water, Self-Reliance and Sustainability from African perspective. The event took place at the Avant-Grade Scottish parliament situated in the Holyrood area of Scotland’s capital, Edinburgh.

Comrade Michael Freudenberg,  married to Mrs. Miriam Yassin, he was kind, gifted, extraordinarily modest and an understanding Comrade, he will be long remembered by all who had known him.
Our condolences to Mrs. Miriam Yassin & Family! 


Information & Communication Office

Embassy of the State of Eritrea to UK & Ireland

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